Hotspot unlimited data plan

Here's my problem, I was tethering my Xbox 1 with my iPhone 6 Plus, which I have the unlimited data plan with AT&T with. Because where I live high speed internet is not available. Well AT&T has turned off my ability to create a hotspot now and has messaged me saying I should purchase another plan so that I can hotspot. Well for the money and the data allowed to tether with that would be a major rip off for me because I'd pay a lot more and get hardly any data. After looking around I've noticed that people are talking about jail breaking their iPhones and downloading apps that allow you to create a hotspot (which my phone completely doesn't allow me to do now), and also download apps that keeps AT&T from noticing that you are doing this since I've read they are catching people doing it and charging them for this. Is there anyway to get the hotspot to work on my iPhone 6 plus and them not find out. I have iOS 8.4 right now and my iPhone is not jail broken.