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    Unidentified Problem in iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak

    Caution for iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreakers!!

    Hello guys!

    Who is not in love with the latest 9.3.3 jailbreak? The century long wait is over, so the age of customizing your iDevices is back again. Thank you, Pangu Team.

    But I want to identify a big problem as well for the 9.3.3 jailbreakers. I am a victim of it.

    After installing majority of the tweaks, cydia says to 'restart springboard' so that installed tweaks may go into effect. As it is a semi-tethered jailbreak, it wont cause a problem with a respring but with a reboot. If the tweak isn't compatible with 9.3.3, iDevice will kickstart in safemode and you can easily uninstall the problem creating tweak that you installed recently. Therefore, installing tweaks on the latest 9.3.3 seem indifferent from previous jailbreaks.

    Not many but 'some' tweaks require a 'reboot' after installation. Now, if that tweak isn't compatible with 9.3.3 and you tap the 'reboot' on cydia screen, you fell into a quicksand where you wont get out.

    Normally, if a non-compatible tweak that requires a reboot doesnt work, iDevice kicks into safemode where you can uninstall the recently installed tweak. But for the current jailbreak, if that tweak is incompatible, it will bring a hell of problem.

    Here is what happens.

    When you tap reboot on cydia, your iDevice reboots which means jailbreak is gone and you have to re-jailbreak it via the PP app on springboard. That incompatible tweak does start your iDevice after a long boot process. First of all, you will think that you are stuck in a boot loop but it eventually starts up after sometime but in the safe mode. If it doesnt start by itself, do a hard reset, and then start and press volume up button to force it in safemode. You device will be on and working in safemode now.

    But the problem keeps on haunting. Because the reboot nullified the jailbreak, you cant access cydia nor any of the cydia apps or tweaks. In short, you cant access cydia so you could remove that tweak which has brought hell to your iDevice.

    Cydia app crashes because the jailbreak is gone. You have to re-jailbreak it via PP app. You tap the circle in the PP app and lock your device. You device restarts. But again, it gets stuck in the bootloop. This is because that incompatible tweak wont let your iDevice start in normal mode when the PP app tries to do so in the process of jailbreaking. So, again you have no way but to start your phone in the safemode.

    This problem happened to me while installing the popular tweak, 'Crash Reporter'. Now I am using my iPhone in the safemode. This problem hasnt been identified yet, so I found no articles regarding it.

    The only solution left is to backup and restore and then re-jailbreak. If you guys think you have a solution, kindly share, otherwise be warned of this problem.

    Kindly share it with others too.

    iPhone 6 in safemode.
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