WIFI causes crash when turned on Ipad Pro running Pangu JB on 9.33

I've been using the latest Pangu JB on my Ipad Pro. But, as of tonight my Ipad crashes every time I turn on WIFI.

If I turn it off then the ipad is fine. The minute I turn it back on it crashes and restarts in safe mode.

I have deleted my latest tweaks.

This whole thing started when I tried to install the tweak PalBreak.



  • Well, I guess the best for me was to be ignored.

    I started to read other posts and I decided to start deleting tweaks and just keep respringing and what do ya know!

    The tweak batterylife is the cause.

    I deleted it and my wifi worked perfectly. I reinstalled and the issue returned!

    So, no advice was the best advice.