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    Issue of connexion between headset and iphone 6

    Hi everyone,

    I have an issue with the connexion between this headset¨c-no-flash-tronfy-iwork-mini4-0-minimal-sheltered-wireless-bluetooth-v4-0-in-ear-earbudearpiece-earphone-headphone-headset-wmic-support-stream-musicvideoaudio-for-iphone-66/, and with my IPhone 6, i can't connect it

    Is there anyone can help to resolve this problem plz.

    thanks in advance


    • Hi there,

      In case you don't like dealing with wires or you are continuously on the go, wireless headphones certainly are a better choice for you. The bad thing with regards to wireless headphones is that they can sometimes encounter interference from other wi-fi products all around However it is good to know that Wireless bluetooth headphones are resistant to this.
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