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    Help Reinstalling Cydia

    I need help please! So my phone's storage was full due to temporary data that wouldn't clear. I backed up my phone and restored it as was suggested by a guide. However my phone was jailbroken. When I restored it it carried over cydia and the jailbreak icons. However cydia wouldn't work. It was missing all of its files. I tried to fix it following other guides but was unable to get it to work. So Using Ifile (which I still have) I found cydia and deleted it thinking that once it was deleted rejailbreaking my phone would reinstall it. It didn't. So I tried to Install it manually. Cydia required debian file. Debian required several other files, which required other files, which required debian. So they went full circle and I have no idea what to do. Is there anything I can do? Does any one have any idea? Thanks.
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