Just want my jailbreak back...

hey guys,
my first post here because I've tried everything...

i downloaded "locationfaker" a few weeks ago. then cydia went crazy.

wouldn't load at all. so i did research... did some tweaks... now cydia opens. but i can't install anything and none of my tweaks or apps show in my "installed" section.

when ever i try to install tweaks i get various errors such as "trying to overwrite '/library/mobilesubstrate/dynamiclibraries', which is also in package com.teiron/pphelperns"


"directory '/var/log/apt/' missing"

i downloaded cydia eraser and transferred it onto my iPhone via iFunBox. however in cydia eraser I get the error "eraser.cpp:1208 no such file or directory [eraser.cpp:1208]

i've tried reinstalling cydia eraser from different .debs and .ipas and repacking with different apps with no luck.

how can i fully erase my phone, staying on 9.3.3, so I can reinstall the Pangu JB and start fresh?
keep in mind, cydia does NOT work. cydia eraser does NOT work.