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    disabled iphone connect to itunes! help retrieve my photographs that arent backed up!

    major help needed! somehow ive managed to change my passcode a notice kept popping up saying finish changing your passcode I kept pressing cancel but somehow in my hand ive managed to change the passcode and confirm it again god knows how! usually I wouldn't of been that bothered and id just do a restore however this phone holds all my pictures of my son who died last year its actually coming up to a year on wednesday and I need these photos so much right now as im sure you can imagine I am heartbroken at the thought of losing my precious memories of him. so heres what Ive done so far .. ive tried plugging it into photo machines in stores like asda and Tesco but no luck without a password, ive tried plugging it into iTunes but wont let me do this without a password either.. ive chatted to apple online yet again no luck! , ive been into a local apple retailer no luck! trying pressing random buttons etc however my wake button doesn't work, they is no access to my phone so I cant use siri hacks etc.. please help they must be some sort of hack to get the photo off my phone I don't believe apple cannot get into my phone. fingers crossed kind regards.
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