Pokemon Go Crashes Jailbreak 9.1

Someone help me out here please!!!! I've been trying to fix this for over a week with no luck so far. I've been jailbroken since the start of Pokemon Go. I've always used the Masterball app to bypass jailbreak detection and it's always worked fine. I've installed Pokemon Go ++ and used it on a different account for about a week. Then went back to normal.

Two weeks ago when Mario Run came out I had to install tsProtector to get it to run. Pokemon worked for a few days and now nothing. When I open it, it crashes right away. I never get past the white Niantic screen. I've uninstalled anything related to it and tried any mix of Pokemon go apps and same results.

At one point there was an app I removed in Cydia to make Mario work. I don't remember the name of it but I am thinking maybe it's what is causing my issues?

My account still works, I've been tethering to my iPad and using that but it's annoying with laggy gps.

I can't seem to find anything besides Masterball or xCon via Google searches which neither work. Hopefully someone can help. THANKS!!!!!!