Don't remember her icloud password after ipad restore with ios 10

My niece don't remember her icloud password (just her icloud login).
So, I had restore her ipad but now I'm blocked at the icloud login/password stage (you know, after the first screens "Hello" when the ipad swithes on).

I don't know how to continue giving the fact neither my niece neither I remember her password.

Could you give me help please???

Many thanks.


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  • What the HELL are you talking about ^^^

    ANYWAYS, try to find the email she used to create the iCloud account; or try to reset the password (if its just an iCloud account and wasn't created with another email).

    I guess that sounds confusing; so I will break it down (because that would confuse me too)

    What email does it use?
    ````Try to find out the email address used for that iOS device

    Try to reset the password.
    ````If you cannot; email apple. I had to do that with my iPhone 6 last year and they asked me for my ID just to prove I was the person that owned the account. Short story it worked. Maybe you have to do that.