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    App That Triggers Actions From Other System Actions?

    Hey I'm trying to see if anyone knows of an app that is capable of triggering custom actions based on other occurances that happen on your phone. I assume there's a jailbroken way to do this, but my phone isn't currently Jailbroken (waiting for pangu soon hopefully!?)


    I have an app that triggers an alert notification on my phone when there's motion sensed on my home security cameras via the Funlux app. It's great, but it's a very minor notification, and doesn't really get my attention, and is easily dismissed, etc. -- I want to have some way to say "When Funlux notifies me of X, do Y on my phone" (Like... make a more distinguished alert, or noise notification, or send me an email possibly, or beep again and again like an alarm until I disable it) - Some kind of custom action based on another action occurring in the OS.

    Does that make sense?

    Anyone have any direction? I've looked at Workflow, and that's all cool but definitely is not quite scriptable/customizable enough or really 'based on natural occurring events', but is more based on 'click this once to have 5 things happen in a workflow' which isn't really what I'm looking to do.

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