Upgrading iOS on iPad 2 Failed

I have an iPad 2 with iOS 5.1.1 and I tried to update to 7.1.2 using the firmware file and instructions on the iPhoneHacks site via iTunes, but I got an error from Apple saying that the iPad wasn't eligible for updating (I didn't write down the error). I gather from other posts that there is some sort if signature that is required from Apple that is no longer available for of older iOS versions. Is that the problem and is there any work around? Is this when people "jail break" their device? The iPad updater says that iOS 9.2.1 is available to install, but as old as the iPad 2 is, I'm afraid that I'll effectively turn it into a brick. I've resisted updating for fear of poor performance, but now I'm being forced to either update to 7.0 or better, or buy a new iPad to play the current version of Clash of Clans.


  • Method 1. Try locking and waking your iDevice using power button and repeat it.
    Method 2. Do a hard reset or hard reboot.
    Method 3. Restore your iDevice with iTunes.
    Method 4. Update to iOS 10 with iTunes on computer.