iPhone OS 3.1 Problems: Random Shutdown, Poor Battery Life, Bricked iPhone, Slow Performance



  • Brady
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    I had massive problems and had read a thread about it only hitting phones with less than a gig free so I free'd up some space and haven't had a crash since, however my battery life is weak now and it is still slow.

    Regardless, it pisses me off that my iphone (3g 8gb model) is now essentially a 7gb model because if I fill it up then it will die.

  • Kdel
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    Does anyone having those problems with a 2G (1 st gen) iPhone? I was ready to do the upgrade to 3.1, but now I'm not so sure...

  • Em
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    My iPhone 3GS battery life has gone down by a lot! 3% drained in 20 minutes while in standby mode! The biggest issue I have is that unlock slidebar won't respond and other apps wont respond when I tap onto them. Fix is APPLE!!!

  • patrat
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    The screen black out happened on my 1st gen iPod touch. the strange thing is that it is on 3.0

  • Bob
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    Yes, it happened to my 3GS last night, after 5 hours of attempted firmware upgrades, no success, tried iTunes from both Vista and Snow Leopard. I think the issue could be it wasn't communicating with the Apple server? AT&T store reloaded the 3.1 firmware and got it back to a clean slate in 30 minutes today.
    Phone is/was clean, no jailbreaking, kept getting error codes, 4, 16, and others and phone was stuck in a state of needing the firmware upgrade to complete

  • mike
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    I can't believe that Apple is now getting like Microsoft, constant problems.

    My iPhone was working fine on 3.1 until I installed a new update of it the other day,
    now it shuts off every 40mins or so & 02 here in UK are no help.

    Apple said wipe & new factory reset. I did that before I even called them & it's not helped.

    No one seems to know what to do so I'm bloody stuck with my THIRD iPhone in less than six MONTHS. I am SO pissed at Apple as this is my business phone.

    Apple, you charge us enough for everything so SORT THIS OUT or I'm off back to Microsoft & PC's.

    NOT impressed :-((

  • chuck
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    After ugrading to 3.1 on my 3G, I lost my GPS, "Maps" app won't populate a map, just has link to "legal Notices." THE ONE APP I USE EVERY DAY! Uggh. Apple, Help!

  • EMRO
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    Dave, I have exactly the same "problems" with my phone but I have a 3GS Iphone Jailbreak with Pwnagetool. I tried every single step to downgrade or re-jailbreak without success. Every time I got the same "Not Available" issue. Also I lost the "Internet Tethering" under setting>Network and the "cellular data Network.

  • Nick M.
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    that problem is because you are under the list tab and it there has a link to the legal notices and no map. try to hit the bottom right corner button and switching to hybrid map mode than see it that works. :)

  • Frank
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    Yeah mine has been slow as **** since 3.1. Swipe to unlock is slow, home button response is slow, answering and ending calls is slow, apps launching slow. Sometimes I want to throw this POS at a brick wall!

  • Charles
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    I have a 3g and while I'm not experiencing any of these symptoms, I am having problems with mail. 2 or 3 seconds into lauching mail, it shuts down. I hardly have time to see what new email I have. I tried deleting my email accoutns and then re-establishing them but...that doesn't work. This has only started since 3.1.

  • AppleAreScammers.
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    Random shut downs.......
    anyone know if an update bug fix?

  • Tom Thierfelder
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    I am having the same problems and have not found a solution anywhere. uggg

  • Brad
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    sure has, mine is a 3GS same problems as reported

  • whoochacha
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    yep mine just went black on me.. but managed to save my darling by holding the start button and the hold button (top right) for about ten freaking seconds.. then connect to itunes.. then itunes asks if me wants to restore.. but with the price of having all my data my naked chics' pic deleted.. so i said 'no way hose'.

    then i reconnect it.. and now its ok..

    doing my encryption as i am typing this..

    yep.. DO NOT UPGRADE TO 3.1 watever...