Dev Team Release PwnageTool 3.1 to Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1



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    sorry for the spelling mistakes should say custom firmware

  • Rob
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    I have the EXACT problem. Running Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro, iTunes 9, iPhone 3G running 3.0, jailbroken and unlocked. I have no idea where to point Pwnage Tool when it wants the .ipsw.

  • nEeD HeLp PlZ
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    ok so i need help. i tried to jailbreak my iphone 3g 3.1. i followed EXACTLY what they said. so my iphone is in recovery mode, i restore it, sync it and no cydia, no nothing
    1 just the apps i had before mixt up. i tried doing it again a few times, still nothing.
    please help me???

    ps: i use a mac

  • angelo cruz
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    jailbreakd my iphone 3g version 3.1 using pwnage tool but can't unlock. seems like cydia doesnt work properly. i tried to reinstall but still didn't work right. anybody else having the same problem or is it just me? thanks..

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    i really need your help,when will the redsnow 3.1 realease, please let me know, thanks..last few weeks, my phone's programs got problems, i accidently update my phone to 3.1 buy using itunes ,can you help solve this problem? i think the baseband 101 have been lock, that why i unable to get into the the way the phone keep popping out the "emergency call" salt of things, which makes me mad about it..if still cann't solve this problem, i think my phone will become rubbish once and for all...if the redsnow 3.1 out , please let me know by mailing..thanks

  • Michelle
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    O.k. I have been reading up on all of this and it seems the more I read the more confused I get maybe I 'm just not real familiar with the lingo and what actually applies to what so....I have a 3g and unknowingly did the itunes 3.1 update, AT&T is my carrier and all I really need to be able to do at this time is use my phone for tethering internet to my laptop my firmware is 3.1 my baseband is 05.11.07 BUT my serial number YWW is Y= 8 WW= 29 so it is possible to use fuzzy downgrader to downgrade my baseband...right? Jailbreaking and all that would be cool in the future but right now my main issue is tethering so if I understand correctly it is posssible I just need to know what steps to take to do it.

  • Michelle
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    Come on help a rookie out!

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    i'm in the same boat as Michelle. I accidentally updated my 3g to 3.1 and lost my tethering. if i use this pwnagetool 3.1 to jailbreak will i be able to tether again? or do i have to go thru all of the steps to downgrade to 3.0.1?

  • Darren
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    is there any news yet on new firmware for iphone 3gs with 3.1firmware as cant stand not having cydia

  • Joelgoku
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    still waiting for the new redsn0w.... come on DEV TEAM what are u waiting for.... out there are like 75% of the peaple with iphone working in pc come on release it for windows please............... :(

  • bohara
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    I'm in the same boat as Michelle; using an iPhone 3G with all the updated software for my MacBook pro and iPhone 3G. I really need the tethering to work again on my phone. Can you guys PLEASE help us out? The jailbreaking hack sounds great, but us multi-taskers are in dire need of the tethering hack again. Help please :)

  • Steve
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    For all those asking the same questions over and over, and for those me, who updated to 3.1 on my 3gs, you have to wait, for those that are saying the 3gs will never be unlocked or jail broken, Give this a thought, it was made my man. there is nothing on this planet made by man that can't be broken by man. the dev team WILL bust it, but you have to do something us guys can't. you have to wait a few days.

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  • tedd
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    you bunch of stupid people!!! their's not yet the new 3.1 ver. jailbreak!!! wait and u will get it..

  • Styless
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    Pleaseeee come up for an jailbreak for iPhone 3gs with version 3.1.

  • Jimbo
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    Hey Guys I am a total virgin regarding JB and having read this blog have come to the conclusion that

    A) the mighty Devteam will no doubt have a fix for windows very soon

    B) A lot of people are either rude, can't read or both. Look at the dates of each message and you will see that you are all asking the same question ' when is a windows version coming?' Give the guys a chance FFS.

    BTW I have Windows, 8gb 3G base 05.11.07 ver 3.1 (7c144) locked to O2 and want to get away from the handcuffs Apple have put on me regarding my iphone enjoyment.

  • Rajesh
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    Hi iphonehacks team,
    While syncing with i tunes i upgraded my i phone 3GS to OS 3.1. While my i phone was working very well before this upgrade, it has now stopped working. I contacted Vodafone India and told the problem. They first suggested that i reset Network Settings. I tried but nothing happened. Now they say nothing can be done as i had bought my i phone from US and not thru them, even though they are my carrier and i have also subscribed to 'í-phone pack'of theirs. Pls help me otherwise all my money, approx USD 800, will be a waste.
    You have been highly recomended by a friend who also had his problem solved thru you and since then is a devoted fan of you all.
    Rajesh, Mumbai.

  • Rick
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    I did update my iphone with the 3.1 useing PwnageTool 3.1 everything work fine my phone is jial free however when i turn my phone on i dont see the service provider witch is Tmobile would someone help me with that.its not important but i just woud like too see it thanks

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    I forgot to un folder my apps before I did the update so I can't get to half my games or weather or mobile mail until windows quickpwn 3.1 is ready. Keep up the good work Dev Team.

  • matt
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    When well the jail break be out for iPhone 3gs running 3.1?????

  • Simon
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    I really really miss my jailbreak.. Can u please help me please......I have 3gs on 3.1 firmware.

  • Michael Cowan
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    I have access to a mac. iphone was setup on a pc running os 3.1 Can I use the mac and 3.1 pawnage tools to JB
    Anybody with info please! Miss my jailbreak but love how much faster my 3gs is!!

  • steven
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    Can someone help me get my iPhone back to 3.0.1 from 3.1...It was jail broken before..When installing an app from cydia my iPhone went black and couldnt get anything..Then it went into DUF mode...I restored phone but couldnt prevent it from going to 3.1...Im using Windows Vista OS...Helppp

  • geordie
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    Putting your iPhone into recovery mode easy way:

    Folder 1) iPhone 3G / Jailbroken + Cydia + Hacktivated (YOU CAN USE IT WITH ALL SIM CARDS) (Partition: 768mb)

    Folder 2) iPhone 3G / Jailbroken + Cydia + UNactivated (YOU CAN USE ONLY OFFICIAL CARRIER) (Partition: 768mb)

    How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 3G on OS 3.1.x Using RedSn0w (Windows)

    This is HOW TO JAILBREAK iPhone 3G 3.1 on windows! (XP,VISTA,7)

    Before you start you need to have the following:
    1. a copy of itunes 8.2 if you don’t already have it installed.
    2. a copy of custom firmware

    3. a copy of Redsnow 0.8
    4. a copy of the OFFICIAL 3.0 firmware. You can get it from Our Official Ipsw’s Page

    *If you currently have your iphone jailbroken at the 3.0 level, put your phone in RECOVERY Mode (not DFU) and use steps 1,2,3,14 & 15

    **If you currently have your iphone at an OFFICIAL 3.1 level, complete all of the steps.

    Step 01: If you have Itunes 9 installed then uninstall it.

    Step 02: Install Itunes 8.2

    Step 03: Run Itunes 8.2

    Step 04: if you get an “itunes library.itl” error then delete or move it from your itunes folder in “my music”

    Step 05: Once you have iTunes 8.2 running, put your phone into DFU mode

    Step 06: click “ok” when itunes tells you it detects your phone in recovery mode

    Step 07: once your phone is in DFU mode, hold your shift key and click restore in itunes

    Step 08: a window will open and you will now locate the official 3.0 firmware file and select it

    Step 09: itunes will now install the official 3.0 firmware onto the phone

    Step 10: at the end of this process you will likely get a error 1015 or something like that. ignore the error by clicking ok and your iphone should be showing the usb and itunes logo at this point.

    Step 11: Now open up Redsnow 0.8

    Step 12: Browse for the 3.0 official firmware and follow the directions that the software gives to jailbreak the iphone. during the jailbreak process for 3.0, you will notice that it seems to freeze at the “installing activation bundles” part. Don’t worry, it is not frozen. Just give it a little while and it will finish.

    Step 13: At this point your phone might have the USB and Itunes image back on it. This is fine. Open iTunes back up and you will probably be greeted with the “itunes detects your phone in recovery mode”. Click OK.
    DO NOT PUT THE IPHONE IN “DFU” MODE AT THIS POINT. Leave it in “Recovery Mode”. Leave it as it is.

    Step 14: Once again, shift click the itunes restore button and select the 3.1 custom firmware.

    Step 15: THAT’S IT! Let it load the 3.1 custom firmware and you are set!

    I have done this on 3 3G iPhones and can confirm that this process absolutely works. I hope this helps all of you that have been waiting on a windows version of redsnow that jailbreaks 3.1. This process may take more time but it will work.

    Just to clarify a few steps in this process…

    If you are on official 3.1 firmware, you have to downgrade to a jailbroken 3.0 firmware and have iTunes 8.2 installed in order to restore the CUSTOM 3.1 firmware. If you are already on a 3.0 jailbroken firmware then just make sure you have iTunes 8.2 installed because itunes 9 will give you error 16xx messages when you do a restore for CUSTOM 3.1 firmware.

    I noticed that the majority of my steps look as though this is just to jailbreak to 3.0 SO i just wanted to make it clear that this is actually instructions to jailbreak 3.1

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    I need help guys. So i bought this program from and its supposedly unlock iphone 3gs 3.1 using quickpwn software. when i open the program i seen the dev team report it says

    "this software is not for commercial use. if you bought this software, demand a refund. it is not for sale. we are not responsible for any damage this software may do to your equipment BE WARNED."

    what should i do? do you guys think this program actually works? i dont know if i should try it out or not? NEEd help msg back please

  • Kancho
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    Hi ppl i have broblem to open .dmg files whit winows me the .dmg files like zip files.somebody help please

  • wakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    hey guys just wanted to know do ya think that the 3.1 jb for iphone 3gs gona take thaaaat long i mean mora than a month from now :S

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    just upgraded my totally fine iphone on itunes.. I think the version its running on now is 9.0.3 Please let me know if their is a software update that will bring me back to jailbread.. I tried it with the 3g break and it waited till the end of the restore but said it could not restore.. Please let me know thank you