iPhone OS 3.1 Enforces Exchange Encryption Policy; Affects Non-iPhone 3GS Users

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imageiPhone OS 3.1 Enforces Exchange Encryption Policy; Affects Non-iPhone 3GS Users

Based on this Apple Discussions thread it looks like many iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G users who have upgraded to iPhone OS 3.1 that was released yesterday are facing problems accessing their Microsoft Exchange accounts due to device incompatibility with Exchange's server-side encryption. iPhone 3GS users are not facing the...

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  • Caco Potoso
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    This is totally absurd. Yes the 3GS has a hardware encryption chip, but anything that can be done in HW can also be done in software. They are basically just saying f*ck the old device users, as they usually do. What they should have done is to include a software encryption algorithm for the 2G and 3G.

  • Battle Ready Sword
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    i agree with caco Potoso.. thanks for the information. really very nice posting here.

  • cemetery monuments
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    you said really right i like the video very much. thanks for this.

  • Bhavik
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    I think so it is waste for Iphone 3G
    I just updated my iphone to 3.1 by mistake
    now after the updation, as per what they say that 3.1 can be restored and jailbreaking but that is not the case. I am not able to jailbreak 3.1 software for iphone 3G also.
    Please let me know steps of how to jailbreak 3.1 iphone 3G


  • brian
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    updated carrier settings with itunes 9, MMS works for me!

  • brian
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    oh, and this phone is not jailbroken..

  • k.rock
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    Another thing about Exchange Enterprise SP1 is that are options to restrict features, like WiFi, add 3rd party mailboxes, blue-tooth, and camera. As well as require password and type of password.

    The only part that the iPhone will in-force is the password and the camera. Not sure if the other settings will be added with new updates. But all you have to do is jailbreak, and edit the preferences file to enable the camera or change the password preferences. I had to do this because currently my company miss understand the licensing language on the page.

    What I don't understand is why the camera and only the camera?

  • b1loveu@yahoo.com
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    Dear iphone Hack,

    On ma iphone applications botton has red number on it.
    it need to upgrade some of applications. is it possible to upgrade it? or if I upgrade it it will cause any problems in ma iphone?

    Ma yahoo messenger, youtube does not work, why?

    Thanks for your answer

  • iPhoneHacks
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    You should be safely be able to upgrade to new versions of the iPhone apps.

  • jyremele
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    I have been having issues with my Iphone 3g where it will randomly switch over to the Edge network from the 3G network after the Iphone 3.1 update and it does this at random. There will even be certain times where I cant get signal and I work in an AT&T building. I dont think this is hardware related at all it only happened after the 3.1 update. Do you have any ideas as to why??