Apple Approves '0870' iPhone App After 429 Days After O2 Finally Gives Go-Ahead

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imageApple Approves '0870' iPhone App After 429 Days After O2 Finally Gives Go-Ahead

An iPhone app that was submitted to the Apple App Store close to a year and a half ago for the UK iPhone users has finally been approved. It has taken 429 days to be precise for the approval to go through! And the reason - O2 and British Telecom...

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  • Tick
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    That's just not right! Carriers should not be able to influence apple in any way. The apps that apple approves should be up to apple. Not the carriers that choose to provide service for their device. Haven't these people ever heard of the phrase "let the buyer beware"? The same applies here. These carriers decided to provide service to the iphone at their own risk. If they would stop over reacting to an at best "marginal" revenue loss and just serve their customers best interests, they would see an exponential rise in sales due to customer satisfaction. Isn't that what it's all about?

  • iphonedeveloperthailand
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    Totally agree - carriers should never have a say on what apps should be approved or not. Instead of gripping about it - make your services better and more competitive.

  • xcvxvxcvxc
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    if thats the case then internet carriers should take responsibility for piracy

  • mscientist
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    Carriers (and Apple) should be able to do absolutely anything you are willing to pay for. This whole idea if "its just not fair" is completely absurd when applied to capitalism. If you don't think its fair, keep your wallet closed.

  • Rockne
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    Right now the Tel Coms here in the U.S. are telling the U.S. Gov that laws enforcing an open free and level Internet would stifle innovation what they really mean is it might stop them robbing us blind!

    P.S. Apple & AT&T got caught doing the same thing in the US with Google voice and AT&T told the same lie “Wasn’t us”

  • HC
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    There shouldn't be an approval required at all. Can you imagine apps being required for any Windows OS to be used?

  • HC
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    Apple has the say to getting apps approved for iphone. How silly would it be if Microsoft required apps to be approved to run in Windows?

  • Roger White
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    Did we ever find out if it was actually O2 who held up the processing of this app? I haven't been able to find it anywhere on the web, but I'm thinking it could well have been them and not Apple. After all, why would Apple hold up one of their own apps?