QuickScroll - Jailbreak iPhone App Allows you to Scroll through Anything Quickly

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imageQuickScroll - Jailbreak iPhone App Allows you to Scroll through Anything Quickly

If you have jailbroken your iPhone and looking for a faster way to scroll through a web page or PDF document or iPhone home screens then there is an iPhone app for that. It’s aptly called QuickScroll 2 and it is available on Cydia for users who have jailbroken their...

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  • Jose Martinez
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    Love it Great App Thanks Kenny!

  • Frank
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    This app works great, makes things run much faster.

  • Roark
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    Love the idea. I'm so glad someone has made this possible. Apple has quite the following of enthusiastic fans but they are sometimes blinded by their 'patriotism' thinking Windows never has anything on OS X. Truth is Windows has made some incredible strides in recent years, possibly surpassing the Mac in some areas. Watch out die hard fans or you might wake up one day only to find that Apple has fallen short, not only in sheer numbers of users, but in the technology itself.I finally got a Mac and love some aspects of it and hate others. That's just how it goes I guess, especially when making the transition from PC to Mac.At any rate, I think Apple is very stubborn and should have provided an easy way for people to have scroll bars at any time. What about the Accessibility implications here? I felt the same way about the 3 buttons in the upper left corner of each window in Snow Leopard and Lion. Wtf can't someone simply indicate in preferences that they want these buttons to be on the right? In Linux this can be done. So this is the sort of thing I am talking about.Also, I find that the mouse cursor is often the wrong one at times. I will get the I cursor when I'm hovering over a button for example. This sort of thing is rarely seen in Windows. I'm really surprised Apple hasn't cleaned up their interface in this regard. I'm disappointed, actually.C'est la vie, right?