iPhone's Call Drop Rate of 30% is Considered Normal on AT&T Network in NYC

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imageiPhone's Call Drop Rate of 30% is Considered Normal on AT&T Network in NYC

If you are one of those iPhone users from New York City, our sympathies. Gizmodo in a post yesterday writes of an iPhone user who had his handset checked at the Apple Genius Bar since he was having problems in connecting to the network, only to be told that his...

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  • Lisnak
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    I drop over 15% and I spend more than half my days in the suburbs of NYC. I was told that I was lucky.

  • Harsha
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    How to determine your drop calls? is there any where it is record in the handset? I am also gettin lot many drop calls.. I live in Boston... i can see 3 or 4 bars sometimes but still the call gets drop.. i travel a lot.. specially to NYC.. and trust me the situation is horrible.. i should except at least 3-4 drop calls per day.

    i usually restart my phone.. or switch to Airplane mode for few secs..

    any more suggestions??

  • iPhoneHacks
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    We're not aware of a method to determine drop calls other than going to the Apple store. We'll let you know if we find out something.

    Looks like we don't have an app for everything do we?

  • Jordan
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  • JY
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    i can never have one complete call without dropping. fastest dropped call was while it was ringing and then it failed. haha. <~ sad laughter...

  • Dan
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    So far i havent had a single dropped call and i talk on the phone alot i live in houston area.

  • Joseph
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    I live in Easy Bay Area in California. Had iPhone for past 4 months. never experienced even 1 dropped call.

  • John
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    I also live in the East Bay and haven't had any issues with my iphone. Throughout the past 15 years, I've had wireless service from just about every company out here. GTE, Cellular One, Sprint, T-Mobile, Nextel, Verizon, ATT. But as we all know, some of these companies have since merged but my point being service have been just about the same on every carrier I've been on. I've experienced the occasional loss of signal or a drop call on all of the networks, but they were never an on going problem and the incidents were rare. T-Mobile, however, gave me the worse reception in the east bay.

  • Wvguy
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    Att does great for me. I had an issue with their tower near myhouse that wasnt giving me internet which took a week to fix. But they gave me a $125 credit. Thats customer service!!!

  • Harsha
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    Is there anybody else who understand my (or who has drop call issue) problem!!!

    Today I can 3 bars where there but still i was not able to call. Later after restarting my iphone i received 2 voice message which was sent like 3 hours before!!! Are you kidding AT&T !!

  • Sean
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    I recently started having similar problems since installing the 3.1 upgrade. I have been having the problem you described, along with a battery meter that shows "full" until I reboot, and then it displays correctly. Hopefully Apple is working on these issues.


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