Now Vodafone Also Announces Partnership To Sell iPhones in UK

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imageNow Vodafone Also Announces Partnership To Sell iPhones in UK

We had just written about the end of O2 exclusivity in the UK with Orange entering into a partnership with Apple to sell iPhones in the country from sometime later this year. Soon after comes the announcement from Vodafone that their agreement with Apple is also through and the Newbury,...

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  • Fingers21
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    I said it on the orange post and I'll say it here! You want iPhone 3g at it's best, it needs to be on the 3 network!

  • TimW
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    Vodafone equates to 2 paper cups and a length of string. Each time I've used their network, you both talk and your voices cancel each other out.
    Bash me for saying the above but I really don't rate Vodafone higher than a low lying bog mist.
    Fingers got it right by saying 3!
    But would 3's network cope with a massive influx of data transfer??
    I'll stick with O2 for now ( might just go see what 3 can offer on a p&g data tariff, after all, they provide the fastest 3G mobile dongles)
    vodafone? Nah, I'd rather not thanks

    iPhone on O2..ok
    iPhone on Orange..we'll see
    iPhone on real nice
    iPhone on Voda..hahahahaha

  • Bob
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    your use of country names is poor- the two countries which Vodafone will sell phones in is the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.
    England is only a section of the UK.

  • iPhoneHacks
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    Thanks Bob for pointing it out, post has been updated.

  • ZedSefi
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    I believe that Orange (if the rumor about teaming up with T-Mobile is true) is going to be a better deal than sticking with O2 or switching to Vodafone. But I still like my unlimited data plan with O2. I am sticking with them until I find a better deal once I put my hands on a new handset (fingers crossed for a 4G iPhone next summer, yayy!).

  • Ralph Holmes
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    It give us here in the uk a chance to play one off against the other and see what deals we can get but the unlimited data is the key

  • Alex
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    fantastic, i'm on vodafone and have waited for an iphone since quite long. my prayers have been answered ;-)

  • Evans
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    I guess the only one remaining is t-mobile and h3g. t-mobile is with the enemies (google), so the only major network not selling iphone is h3g.

  • Evans
    Evans Posts: 4
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    i guess the only major network not selling iphone is h3g and t-mobile. since t-mobile is with the enemies (google) i guess the only 1 left is h3g.