App Store Crosses Milestone: More than 100,000 iPhone Apps Approved

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imageApp Store Crosses Milestone: More than 100,000 iPhone Apps Approved

It has just been over a year since the Apple app store was launched and it is just amazing how fast this has grown. Today, the App Store has crossed yet another milestone. According to AppShopper, over 100,000 iPhone apps have been approved till date. The number of apps available...

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  • Egypt
    Egypt Posts: 115
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    First of all I wanted to say Congratulations to Apple for another mile stone.
    Now think about it; how many apps are actually worth downloading?

  • dxs101
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    I agree with Egypt on the last part there is alot of apps that are just plain dumb or apps that do the same as 300 other apps.
    But whatever there are people out there that are picky and are still downloading them.
    Still 92,000 **** that's alot in just over a year eh?
    I really do not think any smart phone app store will reach apples like just wait till the developers get there hands on an even powerful sdk.
    Or when the next iPhone comes out it's most likely going to have a 4-5 megapixel cam my 3gs takes 4 megapixel pictures in the sunlight.
    But anyways I say when another year passes we will more then double the apps approved this year.
    And my fav app or apps are the Photoshop one raging thunder beehive weather eye .

  • Anders Holm
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    Congratulation to Apple! - It's a big win for them to have made their App Store so big and popular.

  • ruben
    ruben Posts: 15
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    for me the app store sucks. never go there. the top50 lists are always filled with the same crap. for me the iphone is about communication not stupid games (except peggles of course. it's the best game ever made).

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    Congratulation to Apple!