Dev Team: New iPhone 3GS Units Not Jailbreak-Proof

Andy Posts: 1,127
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imageDev Team: New iPhone 3GS Units Not Jailbreak-Proof

Earlier this month, we had written about the new iPhone 3GS units shipped by Apple which came with an updated bootrom that made these new iPhone units jailbreak-proof. If that news made you lose sleep, here is something to cheer about. Now we hear from the iPhone Dev Team that...

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  • Vishnu
    Vishnu Posts: 199
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    I jailbroke mainly because for ****
    and sbsetting and ilocalis and backgrounder and many more.....

  • Punk_Poet
    Punk_Poet Posts: 66
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    Why do I jailbreak? Apple advertises the iPhone / touch as a computer. Well I customize my computer in all sorts of ways and the app store to me is lime only going to walmart when there is also a target right down the street. Apple doesn't approve every app and program that I can run on a mac now do they! I like varity. That and when someone tells me no that just motivates me to do it anyway.

  • hmf1708
    hmf1708 Posts: 3
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    Choices, man .... Choices

  • John Davies
    John Davies Posts: 1
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    I jailbroke and unlocked mine mainly because I prefer the vastly cheaper internet roaming costs to the UK's iPhone partner O2. I bought the phone out-right, i.e. off contract so I don't see that anyone is losing any money, not that it would have stopped me but I really don't understand why I can't buy an iPhone at full price and then use whoever I like.


  • Franky
    Franky Posts: 12
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    I jailbroke my phone because it makes me feel evil and powerful to have undercontrol a little computer that a company tries to hold it's powerful features back from it's ppl.

  • toni
    toni Posts: 17
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    I wouldn't own an iphone if I wasn't able to jailbreak it and modify everything in it, it actually has become a hobby and a show off toy to all my computer disabled friends its great to pull out my iphone and play some random Nintendo game or at the right moment pull out a cool app that slices dices and spills joy to everyone around me, so yeah for me its either jail-broken or no iphone at all open the sdk apple stop being greedy.

  • Boogie
    Boogie Posts: 5
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    i love the dev team, their so doooooooooooooope!!!

  • Wolverinemarky
    Wolverinemarky Posts: 518
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  • Nono
    Nono Posts: 8
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    It is all about freedom...

  • tonyb
    tonyb Posts: 5
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    its all about custimizing the phone that is yours. I like to have ringtones for my text messages and not some lame sounds that came with the phone. i like to have pictures in the background not a black background. and everything else having a jailbroke phone lets us do.

  • Ali
    Ali Posts: 86
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    Winter board, Backgrounder, Orbit, spell checker thingy that I forgot the name, iPhoneTool (turn aeroplane mode on and off automatically day and night), your tube, 3Gunrestrictor and many more.
    Why of bloody earth should all the people in my office have the very same sound to remind them of their next fucking meeting and all of us should jump with it thinking we are late for something???

    Choices, power

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    Damnright Toni! This is what it's all about. Owning the device since you purchased it.

    MUNKY Posts: 5
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    the iphone would loose its value if apple were to open up to all gsm carriers, so lets just support the dev team and make this war with apple last.....this is what makes the iphone so unique and wanted...

  • Mark
    Mark Posts: 267
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    I jailbreak because i can.because they have good people
    with talent that makes live a little more intersting.Just like a computer you like the power of software and of course good hardware.i salute The DEV TEAM
    and thank youguys for allyour hard work.

    MUNKY Posts: 5
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    One question......I currently have and unlocked iphone 3g 8gb and I am very pleased with it but feel like i need more power, i was about to purchase the 3gs 32gb yesterday 10/21/09 but found out that it is still not able to be unlocked, theres no work around for now..? like if i downgraded firmware down to 3.1 atleast....? the bootrom would still be the same huh.... should i just wait...?

  • WhoCares?
    WhoCares? Posts: 4
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    Intelliscreen, MyProfiles, Winterboard, SBSettings, VOIPover3G, RealSMS, for starters - without these, using the iPhone would be more difficult and frustrating...

  • Dean
    Dean Posts: 125
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    apple can finish the race but they don t want to cause they get good and free
    ideas from dev team.that s why people should donate to dev team to have
    them keep going and make cool stuff.
    once again thank you dev team.

  • Jordan
    Jordan Posts: 163
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    I jailbreak because im in business and the lame one time beep for emails is worthless. I need intelliscreen

    Also I hate the text message popup so I use BiteSMS -

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    I jailbreak so i can keep pimpin these holes ,BlackList is the
    sh-t!, Pimpin these holes never been so i could leave my phone on the table when my girl is around cause i know when these holes call, their call is not comeing thru so keep pimpin with blackList...

  • Dan
    Dan Posts: 348
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    jailbreak so i can get winterboard, and get tweaks!

  • tim
    tim Posts: 173
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    cycorder... backgrounder, tricker3g, and a few other jailbreak apps

  • Martijn
    Martijn Posts: 3
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    My reason for not even buying a next iPhone if jailbreaking was made impossible are:

    - IntelliScreen
    - SIPhone over 3G voip calls
    - TLert
    - Categories
    - MyWi
    - Backgrounder
    - SBsettings

  • TimW
    TimW Posts: 430
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    Why JB??
    Apple say an app can't be run
    Dev's prove otherwise
    Users want what the hackers provide
    8% of my apps are apple 'authorised'
    4,000,000 JB iphone users & still Apple refuse to hear us

    If Apple were to open the doors to any and all, just imagine what your device could be capable of

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    apple sucks. they only want profit by ripping cunsumers. i want to have freedom to do anything with my iphone.

  • The Spaniard
    The Spaniard Posts: 3
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    I jailbreak to get access to more and better functions - more nice to have than anything else.

    I NEED to unlock as I'm travelling and staying longer periods in various countries, i.e due to roaming cost I need local subscriptions (i.e phone numbers).

    I'm eagerly waiting for the unlock possibility for the new baseband 05.11.xx - anyone knows if somethings coming up?

  • pauldta
    pauldta Posts: 22
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    Because it made my iPhone look difference and more power.Keep it up Dev Team and do what you have to do and fight back if Apple do some stupid things.Fuk Apple.

  • Max
    Max Posts: 62
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    I can't find a single reasonable ground for Apple to forbid the use of any software of my choice on equipment I paid for. It belongs to me, period. What Apple does in this case should simply be declared illegal!

    Aside from this, I love Apple products, been a faithful user since 1986, have convinced tons of friends to switch from Win to Mac. But I won't allow Apple to limit my experience on a product which is my property. After all, when I buy a car I'm free to use any tires I want. They can't tell me I can buy the car under the condition of only using Bridgestone, or Pirelli, or Michelin, whatever.

  • Achie
    Achie Posts: 1
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    Jailbreak is everything for me and for my iphone,without it i cant do much on my iphone and i thiks its boring! I wont buy next iphone if not jailbreak!

  • Web Designer
    Web Designer Posts: 1
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    Ok I am a victim of this stupid phone. It isn't secure at all. I had my bank passwords saved in it.

    web design firm

  • Sam
    Sam Posts: 218
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    Hey if you need an unlock for the iphone 3g, on 3.1 or 3.1.2 there is a way if you bought your iphone b4 september 08, go to cydia and search fuzzyband that dgrades the baseband back to 04.26.08 so therefore ultrasn0wable