Dev Team: New iPhone 3GS Units Not Jailbreak-Proof



  • jae
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    Apple can't be serious. Didn't that have us on a firmware that was able to be exploited via text message a couple months ago. They better keep it moving with this dumb ****. Since the phone isn't jailbreak proof, then shouldn't that mean all the people who used blackrain can still unlock the 3.1.2 phones??!

  • PsychoKiller
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    why i jailbreak? its simple because there is a lot of application in cydia like winterboard insomnia sbsetting which apple can't make this so iphone dev team devloped iphone .(sorry for my english).

  • Andre
    Andre Posts: 64
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    Customization does it for me as well as using some excellent jailbreak apps like intelliScreen, SBSettings etc.

    If Apple just opened it all up, then why would people need to jailbreak in the first place.

  • hxclos
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    I wonder if AT&T or Apple will grant a factory unlock update when they allow other carriers to carry the iPhone.

  • Bermuda Brains
    Bermuda Brains Posts: 16
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    Apple should keep at it, because I like the idea of "David(Dev Team)beating Goliath (Apple)".

  • me
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    Here are my reasons for jailbreaking:
    GV Mobile
    3G Unrestrictor

  • kp
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    i jailbreak my 3gs iphone for ****, and for the themes so my phone can look cool.

  • feje75
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    Why Jailbreak?
    simpy to have control of what i want my iPhone to do. true the App store has alot useful apps, but none to function the way you would like it to perform (SBSettings,cycorder,winterboard, and openssh). i wouldn't be able to own an iPhone unless it was JB. as long as we have Dev Team, cydia and even Geohot the possiblity are end less.

  • dazza
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    I Jailbreak because i can, 02 offer unlimited data so I use tethering and for them to want to charge for this is just daylight robbery.
    I also unlock the phone a I hate the 02 network and found coverage 100 time better on orange.
    cant wait for the to officially get the iphone contract.
    I have had enough of purchasing crappy, buggy, apps that just don't work properly, at least now test them first.
    Well done! DEV TEAM, don't know what i would have done without you guy's

  • Bori
    Bori Posts: 2
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    Damn SKippy!!! It's about freedom of choice or in this case...Themes,backgrounds,etc.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Posts: 173
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    I jailbreak because Open source is always better than closed source by nature. It is maintained and updated by the community. The cydia store is the closest thing we can get to such a system. If the iPhone was open source ESSENTIAL applications like SBSettings would be standard, and I would feel no need to crack the phone.

  • Ryan Landlaus
    Ryan Landlaus Posts: 3
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    I joined IA (iPhonics Anonymous)!

    Hi! My name is Ryan and I'm on my third iPhone: 2G, 3G now 3GS. When 2G first came out I waited agonizingly for it to be jailbroken, so I could buy it. At the time there was a pay for Jailbreak/Unlock program. I forget how much I payed for it but it was hefty. I wouldn't touch a jailed and/or locked iPhone, no way! At first the reason to jailbreak was to unlock so I could use the iPhone anywhere and with any sim card I wanted. I also hate (I don't use that word lightly) to be a puppet, anyone's puppet. Why would I need to sign in every time I want to get an app? It gives me the creeps to picture a bunch of Apple goons dissecting every move I make with my phone: iPhone + Mobile and I'm a lab mouse. No thanks! Come people like the dev team and Saurik and my heart swells with admiration, love, freedom and the love of freedom. Those people are what the internet is all about: taking the stick away from the pimps. Major thank you to the dev team, Saurik and all the others who've made my iPhone a great adventure, instead of another lame and gutless gyzmo.

  • Christopher
    Christopher Posts: 34
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    The iphone is a cool phone, but when Jailbroken its the best phone...and the only way I will use the device...I moved from the a android phone,to be honest if a android phone hardware was as good as the iphone I would switch back...

  • Ray
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    i jailbreak my iphone because the iphone can vitually do anything, it has the potential to do so much but apple refuses to allow such wonderful apps that can improvise your device. and besides the generic look on a nonjailbroken iphone is tedious...its like going to school with 1000 kids and they're all wearing uniform..everyone looks the same. we all want to present ourselves in ways to stand out and jailbrake mode allows us to be viturally different :D

  • James
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    I JB mine in order for my phone to be a “Smart phone”I would not have one if I could not do this as the stock iPhone is lacking in fetchers compared to other proper smart phones.

  • BioQuark
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    Why do I jailbreak? For freedom. If I'm going to buy a relatively expensive device like this, I want to have the freedom to do what I want with it. Specifically, apps like SBSettings, 3G UnRestrictor, MobileFinder, Backgrounder, etc, that provide functions thr iPhone shouldve always had. Not to mention ZodTTD's emulators, and other things to pass the time with.

    Jailbreaking is something I couldn't live without, and I think the only negative consequence of it, is the fact that far too many skiddies and wannabe "hackers" (ie, twelve year olds), jailbreak the device and then use it to pirate apps. Being an App Store Dev myself, I think this is ridiculous, because not only are you robbing people of the income they deserve, but that a lot of developers are simply individuals trying to make some money. In my opinion, Apple needs to find a way to stop the "cracking" of apps, so that people get the money they deserve.

  • Rouxboyjags
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    I jailbreak beacause I need a true spell checker, like Inspell. Without Inspell I would not own an iPhone. SBSetting and Winterboard are great as well. Apple could, and should, learn something from these apps.

    Houston, Texas iPhone User

    RICHARD13 Posts: 3
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    coming tomorrow, #blackra1n RC2!!! fixed 3G support, tethered ipt2 MC and new 3GS support; icy is already fixed

  • wil
    wil Posts: 3
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    Apple you dont own me or my iphone

  • alex hayens
    alex hayens Posts: 1
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    I jailbreak because i dont like to be put on lockdown by anyone. I like complete control of all my electronic devices and cydia provides just that. i can add custom themes, track my iphone for free with out mobile me. tap-to-unlock is a great feature. I dont have to pay hundreds of dollars for turn by turn voice navigation i get it for free with Xgps. I like the freedom of allowing people i know to have my main password so i dont have to constantly type it in for them but with the app(lockdown)i am able to add passwords to certain apps like text messaging,contacts,photos, and other things i like to keep private. I like having a terminal for free. I like being able to categorize my aps using categories so i can have an unlimited amount of apps and they are neatly in folders on my iphone. I like i can call someone using someone elses number if i dont want them to know using the app 123 spoof, I like that i can block certain numbers if my friends or family or anyone else keeps bothering me with iblacklist. **** is great for adding free cracked apps. there are so many other great apps that help customization its so worth it

  • geoffb
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    I'm a career geek. I've worked as a unix system admin pretty much my whole adult life. I bought the iPhone 'cos it's fundamentally a unix box, and I jailbreak it (1) so that I can ssh into it and back it up and copy photos off/on to it with ssh/rsync and (2) to run biteSMS. I've no particular interest in pirated apps, some of the stuff on cydia is cool though.

  • K
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    I use it to test out apps and if I like it and its worth buying then I buy it from the app store.

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    i jail break because i get free apps MUAHAHAH!!

  • zoema
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    iPhone is the best phone in my opinion, and really great OS system. but apple is being a selfish about it.

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    I don't do much investing, but I plan to buy Verizon and Google stock and short sell AT&T and Apple or such good brands. The features posted here seems to be nice and also people given positive responce so I am looking forward to it.

  • henry
    henry Posts: 21
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    Hi guys, I have an problem, the previous week buy an Iphone in the apple store and surprise..... have serious problems for the jailbreak because apple update the bootROM, now… don’t is impossible … no….. jejejej In windows with Blackra1n only you have that desactive in General ( in the iphone) the auto lock and the option that synchronize when you connect you iphone(in Itunes). And the problem is that every time that you want restart you iphone must connect to pc…..But anyway, for SSH cyberduck I can install any app y about the tethering only entry in the web site in safari in you iphone in find you country and carrier and eureka!!!!…

  • Bennie
    Bennie Posts: 1
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    I have an iphone 3Gs with 3.0.1 on. I want to jailbreak, what would be the best way to go about it? And how would I upgrade to the lastest firmware once the phone is jailbroken? Or would it be better to first upgrade and then Jailbreak?

  • Caviar
    Caviar Posts: 1
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    Non-jailbroken and locked iPhone is like share it's ownership 50% mine, 40% apple's and 10% carrier while I paid all, so I bought factory unlocked Iphone and feels like 50% mine and 50% apple's, to make it 100% mine is the reason why I jailbreak my iPhone.

  • Fun & Fact
    Fun & Fact Posts: 2
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    Great iphone I just love it..will try to get it as soon when I get paid..

  • Athansios
    Athansios Posts: 1
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    Like all the other posts say, customization! The iPhone comes so locked up. My previous phones, i have been able to use my own ring-tones for alerts like for new e-mail, calendar alerts, voice-mail and so on. Sux these things are heavily guarded.

    I bought the phone, paid for it, i should be able to customize it the way i want to, not iPhone's way.