Apple Joins AT&T to Counter Verizon - Launches New Ad Campaign

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imageApple Joins AT&T to Counter Verizon - Launches New Ad Campaign

After weeks of onslaught from Verizon, the past one week has been time for retribution. After AT&T launched their Luke Wilson ad, now Apple too has joined its partner carrier to counter Verizon's claims - "to set the records straight", as Wilson says. The new iPhone ads which went on...

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  • Dizi
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    Who cares? Seriously, this **** is old. Most of the people reading this website already have an iPhone and are not swayed or concerned about any of these ads. Time to move on?

  • Jorge
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    Can't believe ATT's commercials are so stupid, like any of us is gonna believe those postcards came from all those places, I live in NYC and ATT Sucks in Coney Island , Even T-Mobile has better coverage in NYC, i regret the day i ended my contract with them and went to ATT. They ruined CINGULAR WIRELESS reputation. I hope one they the break up cause, seriously , cingular was doing much better all alone , at least in NYC

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    Att's attemps to counter Verizon's ads seem sad like that kid at school that can't think off any combacks fast enough to redeem himself after someone rips him.
    Verizon Say's " I drove behind the worst smelling garbage truck to and when I looked closely it was your mom jogging".
    ATT's comeback, "Your mom stinks!!"

  • yomama
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    naw you guys suck at&t is pretty kick ass verizon rips you off your money for phones that are just trying to be the iphone

  • hxclos
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    lmao! I just saw Apple's commercial. I gotta say, it is a good attack because I use this alot! I had no idea you can't do this with Verizon. I'm actually happy with AT&T but the only reason I want the iPhone to loose the AT&T exclusivity is so we can all benefit from their price wars. I'm selfish, I could careless if AT&T doesn't work for others. It works great were I live.

  • David
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  • Thomas
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    This is the very reason I switched to Verizon last week. What good is a great phone if you don't get coverage where u live. Loved the iPhone more than I do this Droid but I now get service.

  • Thepartyguy
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    I believe it I never get dropped calls! So I f you don't like shut the f**ck up
    verizon sucks cust service sucks and that I the most important thing !!! Service!!!

  • dc1157
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    I agree with you... I had verizon for almost 4 years and switch to att for the iphone... but their 3g coverage sucks. I live about 20 miles out of Austin and they do not have 3g. I am waiting for Verizon to get a good phone to switch back.

  • Playafied
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    I have no problems with AT&T in Louisians...

    I have friends and a brother that has Verizon and I've been told that the service is subpar and the customer service sucks. That's all I needed to hear...

    I'm sticking with what I got...

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    Looks like Verizon desperation is not giving them any advantage. Verizon ads will sway only ignorant people who really believe what Verizon is saying. I believe Verizon employees are coming here to post their propaganda and try to convince people. Apple knows very well how crappy Verizon network is and that’s why they keep turning them down which drove Verizon nuts and started this whole thing. I have AT&T and never had problem with service for years. So sorry Verizon go try elsewhere.

  • A Black Dude
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    but now your paying 30 dollars for an obsolete 3g service that can barely be considered 3g

  • Roderick
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  • tim
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    Has anyone ever look at a AT&T motorola razr compared to a Verizon one? They completely reprogram it! Now imagine what kind of slaughter Verizon would do to an IPHONE??!!!???!!

  • artmanp
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    I live in a suburb of Seattle closer to Tacoma in a small city and my 3g service is great!!! I drove from here to colorado though Oregon, Idaho, and Utah and I had service almost the whole way and most of the time it was 3g.

  • Playafied
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    Louisiana is what i meant lol

  • MacMind
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    remember, that even AT&T's 'Edge' network, which does provide pretty good coverage, is about the same speed as Verizons '3G'.

    All the iPhone users, myself included, lived without any 3G for a year, then later, the iPhone 3G came out, and prior to 3G, iPhone users where happy, were just fine with it, loved their iPhones, and the coverage/service.

    There will always be some areas that don't get good, or any coverage from one or more carriers.

    Find what does work where you actually are, and plan to be, and make your choice. If you are lucky, and have many choices, get whatever you want.

    I've had CellularOne (smaller brick style phones), AT&T, verizon (various phones, ending with Razor), Nextel Blackberry, sprint/Nextel Blackberry, and now iPhone & finally iPhone 3G, on AT&T, and I couldn't be happier with the iPhone, both the 'Edge' 2 or 2.5G, and now with the newer 3G, just awesome.