AT&T Reveals $65 Million Investment On 3G Infrastructure Around SF Bay Through 2009

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imageAT&T Reveals $65 Million Investment On 3G Infrastructure Around SF Bay Through 2009

The AT&T network has seen unprecedented growth in its bandwidth consumption over the past two years, thanks majorly to the exclusive iPhone deal with Apple. While this has tremendously helped the company in its earnings, the high data consumption has also led to clogged networks and subsequently to a lot...

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  • Rich
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    65 millions bucks in just the SF bay area? That sounds way to high for just one area...just my 2 cents.

  • hxclos
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    Speed is the reason I will probably never leave AT&T. Let's face it, the map Verizon advertises may show more 3G coverage but really, what farmer is in a rush to check their email?? Edge works fine in smaller towns because there is less conjestion, however I would fix the fact that those people still have to pay for 3G.

  • me
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    They may be getting tired of having CNET rag on them constatly

  • Gilberto
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    Yeah, i tought I noticed real improvements in my silicon valley home on 3g reception back in June then I read an article here a few days later telling me AT&T had made upgrades on their network here in the bay area.
    Too bad I can't enjoy those speeds anymore I am without a job so couldn't afford the $100 monthly charge for AT&T service on my 3gs.
    Not it's back to edge on t mobile but only pay $70 monthly.

  • Alan
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    I am in Marin county and still have bad 3G coverage. Still no 3G at my home and poor service.

  • jjjoooyh
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    I live in the Bay Area. I've noticed that early in 2009 I could only get Edge when I'm at home, now I get 3G which is great. woohoo!

  • Trav
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    I visited SF Bay area about two weeks ago and the 3G signal there was good in most parts and weak or spotty in others as I walk through the downtown area. While in the hotel when it's rainy or foggy my 3G or Edge signal was in and out, creating some frustration.

  • Steve B
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    C'mon, ATT can't even provide us Bay Area folks with stable phone signals on major highways, i.e. 280. I wouldn't hold my breadth for much improvement anytime soon.

  • JOB Dave
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    I still get dumped calls on the high-rise of the San Mateo Bridge.

  • James
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    At&t sucks!!!! I unlocked my phone about 3 months ago, I now get unlimited minutes for $60 NO dropped calls. only bad thing is no 3g but the edge is not that bad on Cincinnati bell. All my family lives in the bay area and they **** about the service there.