Google Phone Coming - How Will This Affect Market Dynamics

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imageGoogle Phone Coming - How Will This Affect Market Dynamics

Just when we thought that the Droid threat was not as big as it was hyped up to be comes a rumor which will have Apple closely watching every move. TechCrunch reports a "super-high confidence" rumor that Google could soon be launching their own phone - complete with Google branding....

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  • hxclos
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    I can already see comments like "the only phone that can beat the iPhone is a new iPhone" however I'll dissagree. If any company out there trully has a shot to compete with the iPhone is Google and Microsoft although Microsoft can't get it together. Google on the other hand is working on an OS that I'm sure will tie in with this phone. Other companies can't compete because they are simply phones with a few hardware mods. The iPhone is more of a mobile computer, one which requires an OS. Google will bring features Apple is afraid of which will quickly start getting the attention of iPhone users.

  • Dizi
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    Dig'n Google lately. I've been wanting a data-only phone for years. This will be interesting.

  • Chuckie
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    I totally agree with you. I also think that MS and Google is the only one who can compete with the Iphone. And if you lok at MS mobile software they are really years behind Apple.

    So I also think this will change everything. I lobe my Iphone 3GS Jailbroken and I also loved my earlier Iphone 3G.

    But if Google makes a Phone then autoumatically I will give it good odds against the Iphone since it's Google.

  • mbhullar
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    I definitely think this will be a serious competitor to the iPhone, although at this time I am an iPhone junkie. Give the Open Source nature for of Android I foresee a lot of innovative apps will be written for Android.

    However, given the state of the data infrastructure (existing 3G) I'm not sure how successful a data only phone will be. I've toyed around with a number of VOIP apps on the iPhone and I've never gotten consistent results it's a hit-or-miss but if Google can provide enough infrastructure to alleviate the congestion it may work.

  • iShaun 3.84
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    Yeah, I agree with you on that, man. It would take an infrastructure overhaul, but Google's definitely got the doubt there. It would be incredible to see this work out.

  • Chris
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    didn't they already drop a ph....the G1...or was that just Tmobil....we will just have to wait n c....every ph that has come out always claims to b the iPhone killer and never lives up to the name....yes I think that a better phone could b built but it has not been built yet

  • Z
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    I recommend you NEVER say the words "iphone killer" while talking about your google phone, it puts an idea in our minds that it's just another joke. Call it "The next new thing" or just the new google phone, dont boast about it too much.

  • Codeblue009
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    Yea me 2 google is on fire!

  • pere
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    Google will definitely set new standards in the field o communication when publishing a phone with google voice integrated in its core. I'm not afraid for apple in respect of aesthetics and usability, but being mobile carrier's **** considering exlusive contracts etc., google's plans will definitely hurt the big A,since they are involved in the money the carriers earn (I I'm not mistaken here).
    Anyways, since 3g networks worldwide are far from capable of dealig with a stupid skype call, I rather see an advantage for all consumers on the long run due to a real pressure being put on conservative carriers not by legal rules but by a truly innovative and independent market competitor.
    And despite the danger of repeating former posts of mine, apple has to die for its proprietary crap. so go google, go (I'll never register for their services though :)

  • Pacomac
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    Everyone talks about Android being an open platform, but its Java for god sake. Us serious programmers left Java behind years ago for the sake of native code. Unless Google truly open the OS to C and C++ programmers you aren't going to get top notch game companies producing anything close to what we have on the iPhone.

  • John
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    Totally agree. Google needs to market this product as something incredible of it's own league and not try to compare it to the iphone at all. Don't even mention iphone in their marketing. Bring an innovative, attractive product out and convince the consumers that it's a must have device and it will do well. Compare it to the iphone and they doom it to fail from the start.

  • John
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    The average consumer has no idea how evil, greedy and power hungry Google is. With that said, they've managed to penetrate different markets quietly without making themselves look like a giant. They've raped me for free traffic and refused to pay up. I'm sure they've done the same to many others.

  • NQ Logic
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    NQ Logic recommends reading about the "New Google Mobile Strategy" and the Google phone rumors on

  • Mark
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    Who's network is this new Google phone going to run on? The major carriers have existing infrastructure that badly needs to be upgraded. A Google created data-only device will likely be superior to the iPhone for data use (faster processing, more RAM) and will crash any network available today. Google may be big and rich but are they willing to fund an entire continents worth of towers? Not a chance.

    I'll be interested if it will free me from the ball and chain Apple has me on with the retarded iTunes syncing and MobileMe. Let me backup my phone information where I want, not where you require. I hate having to use iTunes, an online music store and media player, to function successfully with my iPhone.

  • TimW
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    I read somewhere that the Google Mobile was/is just a myth and Google tech-heads are working on a complete 'crossover platform OS' to offer to a single maufacturer. Not an android os, but a combined multiplatform OS that includes the base elements of the planned new Nokia OS, Win Mobile AND the iPhone OS with an integrated compatability converter.
    The way technologies have advanced over the last few years, I for 1 believe that this can be acomplished, and if the seemingly endless pit of the cashflow variety that Google seems to possess can support the development, then an adaptive mobile platform may be a distinct possibility.
    I know that 1TB SSD's (Solid State Drives) are available and in use by the MOD (UK) so how long before they hit the mainstream and mobile devices (ok, variants of the ssd...)
    how long before we're all using mobile devices that are just dedicated 'terminals' streaming to and from our home based servers? Devices that connect to EVERYTHING we could ever want.
    For now, there's ALMOST an app for everything lol

  • Andy_TW
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    Google's business focus is trying everything to stick us on the internet, because that's where they can earn the money. so, i think the Google phone will still align with this focus. it will not only impact traditional GSM, CDMA, or..., but will also a big threat to Skype as well.