Verizon Anti-iPhone Campaign Drags On - Is it Time Verizon Stopped?

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imageVerizon Anti-iPhone Campaign Drags On - Is it Time Verizon Stopped?

"Petty tyrannies that have made their way into our cell phones. Into the very way we choose to speak to another human being" - so goes a new print ad published in Sports Illustrated by Verizon. After attacking AT&T and the iPhone in their ad campaigns, Verizon have finally taken...

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  • barrett
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    The Droid adverts have been very clever and quite humorous, however I agree with this article. To me, this is starting to feel like the mud-slinging campaigns we see in American politics. Droid/Verizon should stay on the positive side of things or this may blowup up in their face. Polls show that people don't care for negative ads.

  • FreeGadgets4You_UK
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    Verizon "doesnt" do iphone (coz there not allowed) ;)

    If verizon ever get the option to get the rights to sell the iphone do you think they will take it now that they have pretty much slagged the s*%t out of it?

    What the hell is a Droid anyways? :)

    here in the UK more providers are beginning to get the rights to sell the iphone I.E. Orange + Vodafone, how long before american providers get the same?

  • Todd Bollack
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    All Droid will succeed in doing is prove to the otherwise underinformed that iPhone is king. All carriers are vultures, so no reason to argue lesser of evils.

  • Victor Evans
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    I'm going to have to go against the grain on this one. I happen to enjoy the Droid commercials and the fact that they point out the many lacking features of the iPhone. I'm hoping they spark a fire up under Cupertino's a$$ so they get their $hit together. If not, an open source platform WILL inevitably take over the iPhone and make it a thing of the past. The one thing the iPhone HAD over all it's competitors is usability, and with the market quickly catching up in this arena, coupled with functionality, Droid can, and just very well may, surpass the iPhone. I may be the only one (but I highly doubt it), but if Apple DOESN'T get their $hit together and move more toward an open platform, I will jump ship, and I think more techie's like myself will be joining that bandwagon as well. In the meantime, I think Motorola and Verizon are taking good steps in introducing a product that may be a worthy contender in the near future by pointing out what the iPhone lacks, and the Droid doesn't. Coupled with benefits that, again surpass that of the iPhone, I think Verizon and Motorola are taking smart first steps in establishing an arguable contender.

  • Ronnie
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    I like all these attack ads. It only promotes more competition and lets apple know that they still have things to improve on their phone. I have an iphone but I get tired of all those girly apple commercials for iphones, ipods, and macs. Its funny that the Droid commercial acts like the apple spot then switches to the dark twisted logo of the droid. It all made me laugh.

  • Anon
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    How can you say it is time for Verizon to stop the anti-iphone ads when your personal Jesus stevie jobs company has been running the same childish anti-windows ads for years now.

  • Mettur
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    Simple truth is that, if you are the king of the hill, people will take shot at you. So iPhone will get shots from Droid, Palm or others. It will reinforce who is king of the hill. Same way Apple has been taking shots at PC for quite some time now. Lets face it, as long as these commercials do show some strengths of the competitor, it will work, as it has worked for Apple. The problem is the competitor product has to be strong, as Mac has been.

    Its free market at work. Let the games continue :-)

    btw: I am a iPhone user, and AAPL share holder. I love my iPhone, and I love this competition.

  • Sc
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    Thank you. As soon as Apple is the target everyone comes crawling out of the woodwork to say stop already.
    But when it comes to Apple slinging its innovative, creative, informative and a bunch of ass patting.
    Personally the iphone is a device and if it wasn't for it being jailbroken, the $175 ETF would have been exercised.

  • Chris Wade
    Chris Wade Posts: 50
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    I think Verizon should be pushing it even more, not less now and use the developers that are leaving the iPhone platform as an example as well. I also think that if Google were smart they would help developers find a way to port iPhone applications to the Android platform as easily as possible, since they are both essentially abed on *nix platforms it shouldn't be too hard to do.

  • labrat
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    I find it interesting that they say 'doesn't' isn't representative of the the Droid. I disagree. It certainly DOESN'T have enough on board memory (256mb available memory for apps) and code that prevents applications from running off SD. Droid doesn't have the guts to run real applications.

  • nonoie
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    I like these make the price og iphone go down....attack more......coz i will never buy a droid that is analog.....try to make a GSM...ill think about it...we need more.....this is america

  • Chuckie
    Chuckie Posts: 13
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    I agree in most aspects of this article.

    I do believe that as long the different companies tries to compare their products with the Iphone it will only tell the buyer that Iphone is the one to beat. After all since Iphone probably is the most talked about smartphone.... ever I guess. Then I think the buyer will have that name in mind when he/she are presented to the different models in the store.

    I do like the competition between droid and iphone. It's healthy for us buyers.

    I have an Iphone 3GS and a HTC Hero. Hero is for my work. Iphone is for privat and also work. But my company pays the Hero so that's why I have it.

    My choice is very clear - Iphone because it's better!

    When the device isn't running smoothly it's unacceptable. When I say smoothly I mean that when you zoom in and out. It's not always smooth zoom on the Hero. Also when going from page to page on the springboard or what ever it's called on the android - then it's not always smooth either.

    I have never had that problem on the Iphone. It's always smooth. Also on my older model 3G.

    I made a short test video a few days ago to a Danish forum.:

    I turn on both phones at the same time to see which is fastest.

    I visit 5 diffenret webpages at the same time to see which phone wins. About this I was later reminded that Hero runs Flash on webpages. So due to that fact it's the reason for Hero running pages with flash slower.

  • John
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    I keep thinking I've seen this movie before... Apple never really permitted its early computers or software to be cloned, and as a result the masses mostly went for the lower priced PC clones, running Microsoft's software and making Bill rich. Now, as then, Apple has amazing software, amazing interfaces, and great popularity. But Apple is the only manufacturer of iPhones, and the iPhone software only runs of iPhones... On the other hand, Google, like Microsoft years ago, has what is probably an inferior platform - but Android is popping up in phones everywhere, even AT&T... Gotta wonder if history is again repeating itself.

  • labrat
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    Great observation!

  • Irha
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    Don't forget that Verizon Droid is also the name for the series of phones based on Android, so the claim would make more sense as newer devices released in due course that add improvements on top of the current Motorola Droid. Also note that about 90% of complaints/lacks in the Motorola Droid are also software related, so it only a matter of time before these are improved even with the current Droid.

    In another story, I read that the Android 2 has already peen (mostly) ported to the oldest Android phone (G1), which gives the picture of the potential for Android devices.

  • smacc
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    um... if it was just this ad. It wouldn't matter. But Apple constantly gets bashed. It does get annoying. Especially when they exaggerate how bad the service is when its not. And how Droid has a 5mp camera that takes worse pictures than Apple's 3mp camera... If ads are gonna talk ****.. they better back it up. And from verizon's track record, they can't :/

    And the stuff in those anti-windows commercials are true...

  • JT
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    Doesn't Verizon lock you into a contract as well?

    They want to be better than AT&T they should simply deliver better service and better product for less.

    I'm pretty sure the consumer can work it out on their on, from there.

    My assumption is that behind every marketing campaign is something that simply isn't as good. Something that must be sold, since it can't win on its own merits.

  • Bill Gates
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    Is it Time Verizon Stopped?
    You kidding right? Apple has been attacking Microsoft for years, with the switcher adds, is it really any different? How about you do a article on that. I guess this is a iphone site, wouldn't expect any different.

  • gappochan
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    Look, I am a Mac user... always have, always will... waaaaaayyyyy superior to windows in every aspect, but... and here's my caveat... Apple is getting a dose of its own medicine. I mean, come on... how any of you been paying attention at the amount of commercials Apple did and continues to do against windows? funny? yes, true? yes, but it is now border-lining on obnoxious that apple continues to do this. let apple get a taste of someone else's hornets up their proverbial bottoms, and maybe this will wake them up from their self righteous stupor and push them in the direction they ought to go, which is the satisfaction of their customers while they continue to make money... as of now, they make the money, but we are far from satisfied... and proof of that is that we are all in this website, hacking the heck out of our iPhones, coz it ain't doing what it should....

  • mikhail7
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    Excuse me.... Droid isn't the first one who can do those things that they are blabbing about. Hahaha! Phones running on windows mobile and symbian by Nokia had done that way before them. Its just the matter of choice and what works for them. Had FOUR of those expensive full featured phones and it's very hassle to use. I used to not like the iphone and now I do. Droid looks cheap. LOL!

  • ej
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    I agree to that my friend

  • umuts
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    "Petty tyrannies that have made their way into our cell phones. Into the very way we choose to speak to another human being"

  • techdude
    techdude Posts: 3
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    yes, but all the things they are saying about windows are true............

  • Dzevat
    Dzevat Posts: 1
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    If Verizon got a deal to have an iPhone, Verizon subscribers will flock to get their hands on one and drop their Droids and little Blackberry's. I agree with the writer that attacking the iPhone can only get you so far, what really gets you far is the quality of the phone, what it can do, and the amount of customization you can do with it (which currently, the iPhone reigns supreme with its 100k apps).