Apple Retracts Stance After Rejecting US Senators' Database iPhone App

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imageApple Retracts Stance After Rejecting US Senators' Database iPhone App

Apple's public image seems to have taken quite a beating over the past one week after two prominent iPhone app developers, Rogue Amoeba and Facebook's Joe Hewitt quit over Apple's App approval policies. Another news story that could have caused further embarassment has been doused thanks to some quick face...

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  • Iphoneuser
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    I wish there was a way for users to vote on ideas of certain apps that Apple thinks of rejecting. This can solve some issue for Apple. Clearly Apple need to withdraw itself from being the supreme manipulator of apps acceptance to AppStore.
    Since we don't want one company (maybe one person in Apple) to accept or reject Apps, let's make it where Apps get accepted or rejected by a vote of everyone who use an Iphone.

  • Playafied
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    That's giving too much control to the consumer... Apple would never let that happen like that. Apple is absolute.

    That is why Apple doesn't like the jailbreaking community... too much control over their device by the consumer

  • JT
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    I can sort out what I think is objectionable quite well, on my own.

    I'm interested only in their app approval process being used to secure the device. For instance, an app that scans my data and uploads it. Bad. No two ways about it.

    Somehow, they've gone off course. Did they not introduce a "mature" filter just to get out of this stupid trap?

    They need to go back to "apps are approved based on their security". They are headed to a lawsuit they will lose (in more ways than one), if they don't correct themselves.

  • Mark Dionne
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    It took apple 4 months to approve my app, so in general I am no fan fo their system.

    But still, over 100,000 apps have been approved. There are bound to be some mistakes. It's encouraging that they admitted to their error, though I doubt it would have happened if the blog posting had not happened.

  • Random Guy
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    I find it funny that you say "540" Senators. The US Senate has 2 Senators for each of the 50 states, for a total of 100 senators, NOT 540.

    I'm assuming the app shows Congressman and Senators.

  • umuts
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    "This is the very reason that Apple as a company should be taken to task over its ludicrous and inconsistent app approval policies. Clearly this app does not “ridicule public figures” and is violating nothing"

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