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    More Evidence Of Next-Gen iPhone OS - iPhone OS 4.0

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageMore Evidence Of Next-Gen iPhone OS - iPhone OS 4.0

    By now, it is pretty clear that a new iPhone will be launched next year. While from one perspective, that is no surprise given that Apple has anyway launched a newer version of its iPhone every year since its debut in 2007, this time things are getting interesting especially since...

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    • kratoskratos Posts: 10
      via Wordpress

      hope apple change the look of the next generation iphone.
      if they do just components enhancement i will not be interested because my iphone 3gs is fast enough.

    • Punk_PoetPunk_Poet Posts: 66
      via Wordpress

      i think that the Hybrid chip will be for the tablet.

    • bhuvan chowhdayrbhuvan chowhdayr Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      there is no point if the new iphone is the same look as the old one, as the hardware in the 3gs is sufficient for most users for another year. so it is very essential that the guys at cupertino make this one looks a lot different than the others. but you know what, even if it looks the same. people would still buy it, just cause its apple :)

    • davedave Posts: 389
      via Wordpress

      If change look may either get smaller screen or bigger. It looks fine the way it is. Sleek, comfortable size and very functional. You guys are looking a gifthorse in the mouth.

    • Punk_PoetPunk_Poet Posts: 66
      via Wordpress

      I dont care if the look changes or not i just don't want a smaller screen. And i hope that the new OS has features that are available to jailbroken phones. Such as Quick Reply and some more customization. I have a 3G right now so i will be upgrading regardless. I really hope the new OS is something amazing b/c i pretty sure tht apple will be crushing jailbreak with the new release.

    • Krew_92Krew_92 Posts: 30
      via Wordpress

      Imagine a graphics card on the iPhone that does anti-aliasing? Or that has console graphics? Wow that would certainly force me to finally make a contract with AT&T! Thats if they keep the iPhone as exclusive.

    • Z-LiberatorZ-Liberator Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      The only way I would get an IPhone is if they allowed me to change my lock screen status, allowed me to have my apps in a folder and a have a real wallpaper, multitasking and if it was as thin as an Itouch! The Body is old give me something new!

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