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    Google Nexus One to Come With 2 Year T-Mobile Contract At $179.99

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
    via Wordpress in
    imageGoogle Nexus One to Come With 2 Year T-Mobile Contract At $179.99

    It is official now. The Nexus One is coming. Google has announced that it is holding an "Android Press Gathering" on January 5. While the invitation sent to a select few does not carry any mention about the imminent Nexus One smartphone, other sources have confirmed that this event is...

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    • Franky jFranky j Posts: 142
      via Wordpress

      Well haven't heard about the phone so will search about it now. Sounds like it must be good if this site is talking about it. The only I could say is that I really hope apple comes up with something really good because things are getting hot in this smart phone world. A lot of ppl will change there mind about iPhone if they don't hold there own.

    • TexasTexas Posts: 9
      via Wordpress

      It's disappointing to hear that you have to buy it through T-mobile. I was hoping the rumors of a no contract, unlocked phone was true. Oh well, it's the back to the status quo.

    • texas suckstexas sucks Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      read the article tejas, you moron, you can get it no contract, unlocked. god i swear the internet will be the pitfall of mankind.

    • RFRF Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      It's going to be interesting to read Google's 'privacy policy' about this phone. Being a Google device, we can expect that Google will keep logs of (i) the phone's location; (ii) details (number, time, duration) of the calls that the phone makes; and (iii) if a call is made via WiFi (VOIP), perhaps the actual audio itself.

    • Easy on TexasEasy on Texas Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Don't you mean downfall? Irony ensues.

    • BooKahKeeBooKahKee Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      The fact that the phone data is crippled when running on AT&T makes the "unlocked" option rather pointless. Not exactly a "game changer" like most of the hype would have you believe. I am glad to see more iPhone inspired smart phones. Should make apple work twice as hard on their new iPhone.

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