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    AT&T Stops Selling iPhones Online in New York City; Claims Online Ordering Fraud is the Reason [Upda

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageAT&T Stops Selling iPhones Online in New York City; Claims Online Ordering Fraud is the Reason [Updated]

    New Yorkers planning to buy a new iPhone from AT&T this season can no longer do so from the cozy comforts of their homes. In a recent revision of their distribution channels, AT&T has decided to pull the plug on online purchase of iPhones from their website. You will still...

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    • JohnJohn Posts: 790
      via Wordpress

      Those crazy, wacky and silly ATT Suckwork executives! They've come up with another winner idea: stop selling the iPhone! What a great idea!

      I imagine the ATT Suckwork boardroom to be strangely similar to the Direct TV commercials which make fun of cable companies - "Let's play the Blame Game! I'd like to blame...the iPhone users!"

    • DeanDean Posts: 125
      via Wordpress

      i went yesterday to the at&t to pay my bill which is $155 dollars .and i decide to pay it in the machine because it is free so i had $160 dollars in cash but the machines does not give change but when i try to get change those at&t store workers were rude and they start passing me like a ball by saying go talk to this
      guy and this guy told me to talk to the other guy and so on . i wish there is an other carrier for iphone .

    • Franky jFranky j Posts: 142
      via Wordpress

      AT&T always finds a way to be in the headlines but never in a good way. Don't no what to say other than. Grow up AT&T!

    • HarshaHarsha Posts: 84
      via Wordpress

      haha........ the last thing any major carrier would do.. is stop selling in new york.. this just proves ATT sucks... Big time! Big Big time!.. i pay 170$/month for two lines... i really want to know what they do with that.. pay huge bonus to their top executives for convincing Apple to stay with them for another year !!

    • Steven M.Steven M. Posts: 18
      via Wordpress

      I've laughed out loud reading the orange-colored full-page AT&T ads in the New York Times in the past two weeks ... knowing full well how lousy my service has been since I got my original iPhone. Serves AT&T right. Yep, company name that starts with "V" ... looks like I'll be taking my service there in 2010.

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