Coverage of Apple's Special Event: "Come See Our Latest Creation"



  • Mat
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    My 2 year old Eee PC has a 10 inch screen, 160 gb HD, front facing camera, Windows 7 (completely hackable without jailbreaking), hooks up to my big screen without proprietary cables running near HD video, and cost $289 on sale. I don't need this.

  • Kevin Putt
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    For all those people complaining and whining...

    For the past 10 years, I have read blogs and blogs and blogs and sites and sites and comments and comments about how Apple should make a cheap, $600 tablet computer. Steve jobs finally listens to us in 2007 with the iPhone, but made it a very small one in order to provide the distance between the superior (snow leopard) and the inferior (iphone os) (the iphone was originally launched at $600). The noise died down for a while before finally erupting again early 2009. So, he gave us a bigger size version of the tablet in order to satisfy those whiners once again, working off the same formula and tablet he had before.

    What happens when he does this?

    The Apple community fully erupts because people suddenly realize that they have had a tablet since 2007 (if you don't have an iPhone or iPod touch yet, you should get one before the apple tree get's burned down from the lava).

    You can't compare the iPad to the Mac because it is a tablet, which was originally introduced by apple in 2007 with the iPhone. Why do you think it contains a similar name to iPod (Touch?)? The reason it is cheap like the iPhone is and the Mac is expensive (and a completely different name) is because of the fear of the hacking community. They have easily "jailbroke" the iPhone, but the Mac remains safe from any "jailbraking" and most viruses (a reputation against Microsoft). If Apple released a tablet similar to the Mac (then giving it the name the iTablet), they would make it pricey, much like the Macbook Air, in order to maintain this reputation against the hacking community and Microsoft. Why do you think the iPhones security keeps getting hacked again and again, while the mac's doesn't?

    So whiner's, you got a bigger version of what you had and Steve Job's listened to your low price tag...So Stop Being Spoiled Brats!

  • Zephus
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    Goodbye then. See you on the lacking end of the mobile phone spectrum.

  • Valdudes
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    I CANNOT STAND how they stuck to the four column layout!!!! Bunch of lazy bumbs what the hell do they think we won't buy it if it deviates from that formula?? The UI is insulting. SOOO uncreative, NO innovation here whatsoever. FOUR COLUMN LAYOUT?!?!?!?! FAIL FAIL FAIL UGLY UGLY UGLY. Are they just trying to appeal to the fat, baby-boomer e-reader generation?

    The only thing that will save this piece of junk is stellar app development.

    I'm going to go around smashing the iPad out of anyone's hands that has it.

  • psyherin
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    iPad Sucks big time !!!!... no good thing about it.... everything is connected to internet or i can say " iTunes " .... no use of it to anybody .... its just waste of money

  • enilyks
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    What about a 5.1 mega pixel digital cam on the back (for shooting videos and pix) & an iSight camera in the front (for video conferencing)?

  • ae6057
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    Go away Verzion guy !! you guys ae soo pissed at apple for keep bumping you up
    Go away

  • Mio Navman Spirit S300
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    It was very fascinating knowing more about ipad...but at the same moment its a bit annoying because some of the features are not available in it.

  • Mario
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    Such a fail!

    A scaled iPhone tried to sell as a new device...tzzzzz