Apple Defends AT&T; Confident AT&T Will Fix Network Issues

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imageApple Defends AT&T; Confident AT&T Will Fix Network Issues

With Apple's media event just hours away, there is plenty to indicate that AT&T's exclusive iPhone deal might finally be coming to an end. AT&T's nemesis, Verizon, is likely to partner with Apple to sell iPhones though there are indications of Apple opening up the iPhone to other carriers as...

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  • Pimpologist
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    who cares. If other more affordable carries or those with great networks carry the Iphone. I will pay my ETF gladly to jump ship, especially if I get an Apple Tablet/Iphone bundle discount.

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    It's just about to be "too little too late". I've been having dropped call issues in NY area since the 3G release. since then all they do is take money off of my bill or send me to apple for a replacement. I'm on iphone #8 (6-3G and 2-3GS's) I'd rather have a complete phone call than that