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    No Camera for iPad - Is it a Deal-Breaker?



    • unrealunreal Posts: 51
      via Wordpress

      Yes, it's a deal breaker.

      The sad thing is that what Apple left out of the ipad is stuff that exists, is cheap, and already included in almost all their other products.

      It's not like they had to invent a camera; all their laptops and most of their handhelds already have cameras. And 64GB; WTF? They itouch has as much memory as they could stuff into it. Considering the huge increase in internal volume and all they could manage was 10hur battery life and 64GB?

      As an engineering accomplishment, it's weak. As a product management accomplishment, it's pathetic. AppleTV redux.

    • NotsohappyNotsohappy Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Tyipical usage model for something like this is, tv playing in family room, user sitting on couch surfing the web maybe on a FLASH enabled website, while something like skype and a chat cliant runs in the BACKGROUND! Then u get that video skpee call and you realize wow I got these great iWork apps that i really can't type much into as the keyboard is a desktop dock!!! And I can't return video on the call as I have no camera, and I can't see that great car virtual tour --- so why again is it so much better than a 10h capable Intel atom based netbook???? And sadly this is coming from a long time Apple/NeXT fan!!!! Sorry Steve but Apple pulled an AppleTV and missed the mark on this one :(. Hope take2 is ready within 60 days!

    • JakeJake Posts: 62
      via Wordpress

      This iPad really sucks no camera. I will wait for the iNutsack model they should have camera buy than.

    • via Wordpress

      Lack of a webcam is a deal-breaker for me. I can live w/o Flash (I'm actually hoping that, if Apple can sell millions of these, this will finally cause web designers to trash Flash), and the lack of multi-tasking is annoying (but could easily be fixed with a software upgrade). No, the lack of a camera is killer. Utter stupidity not to include it (if you ask me)...

    • via Wordpress

      The lack of a camera has the smell of a scam.

      Despite participating actively to the build up of excitement that preceded the launch, Apple failed to have a simple camera on the magical device. What arrogance on the part of Apple. They tell their users that video conferencing is not important. Despite Apple's claims that PC notepads have little to offer, most of them have a camera which in my mind is as important as a keyboard when you're surfing the Web. The marketing strategists at Apple have probably established that a camera would be a nice magical touch for the next iteration of the iPad. I won't wait for that next iPad launch.

      The iPad has a fast processor, a rewritten iPod Touch interface that exploits multitouch, rewritten software apps, the application iBooks and that's about it. Where is the magic?

      It should not have taken years to come up with those things and I saw nothing on that launch that justifies the word MAGIC when referring to the iPad.

      I hope that Apple won't get away with this deceptive product.

      Please Google, get to work fast and fill the void.

    • jewmanjewman Posts: 19
      via Wordpress

      i responded to another post like this similarly you probably don't own an iphone and specifically an iphone 3gs and if you do than you probably haven't used it to its full extent the real magic about the ipad is the user interface and the possibility for fully functional touch screen apps that are just as powerful as there desktop counterparts for example a touch optimised version of photoshop built from the ground up for the ipad by adobe to offer the same functionality as the desktop version but built from scratch with a touch interface in mind thats what is truly magical about this device and the iphone and is the main reason for there success every company in the world can bundle together hardware and sell it for a price but to create a revolutionary new way to interact with software and create an amazing platform for it to run on that is truly magical and really does narrow the gap between something very machine like and something that performs almost organically in response to human movement that all aside i still agree with u i hope google makes one of these things competition is always better for us consumers and if google one ups apple than hats off to them il buy it. i guess now all we can do is wait and see watt developers come up with

    • jewmanjewman Posts: 19
      via Wordpress

      well duh of course apple along with all smartphone manufacturers will incrementally upgrade things like the camera not just because they want to or because we want them to, but to compete with each other and the cost of making the product when the curv had a 2mp cam the iphone got a 2mp cam when the blackberry bold got a 3.2 mp cam the iphone got one and so on and so forth but the other factor to consider is how powerfully each component will be individually and what there cost will be over all. for example the iphone camera right now is 3 mp and that on par with the power of the processor and the ram and everything so u can take pics quickly and the quality for a phone is very good by contrast samsung makes a smart phone with a 12mp camera which is a cool feature but its power is not in line with the rest of the device it will take time to load before you can take another picture the lens isnt even big enough to allow enough light in to fill all 12 mp in the sensor and so were do they go from there on top of that the 12mp camera without adding any new amazing functionality adds to the price of the device so altho it may surpass other phones in the one category overall it will still fall short because its not well balanced

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