No Camera for iPad - Is it a Deal-Breaker?

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imageNo Camera for iPad - Is it a Deal-Breaker?

We're huge fans of Apple's products. However, over the years, the company is slowly creating a legacy of launching amazing products that fall short of the word "perfect" simply because of the lack of one critical feature or the other. Back in 2007, Apple revolutionized the mobile phone space when...

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  • supermaitai
    supermaitai Posts: 2
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    It's a marketing ploy, any idiot should know that. If they put in all the features onto the ipad now then there won't be any point in having a new version later.

  • Wolverinemarky
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    i agree with super seems like apple strategy to keep us wanting something every time the only problem is that some other company like google might fill that void in one day and apple will lose all that shine and glory we praise on them

  • Thomas
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    That’s true, they will put out a "new one" in a year or so and yet they probably already have it planned out. They are smart in a way doing that keeping the publics attention and get people to waste money to have the "newest thing". Who really wants to pay that much for a "PC" that is so limited on what you can do with it. Well this is coming from a programmer, i think it should be a open dev and be able to put what ever you want on it. so pretty much not worth getting the first model and wait for a good JB. Hope geohot gets time to work on it.

  • jim
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    I told my 6 year old son yesterday to take a look the ipad it's like our iPhone but bigger. To my disbelief my son notice it didnt have a camera on the back. I guess since he's always recording things. So apple surely new everyone would want it. Even a 6 yer old. Still thinking should I get the ipad.

  • Franky j
    Franky j Posts: 142
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    I have like 4 apps that need a camera. Not everyone is going to get the 3g one. Not everyone is going to be walking with it as u asking to get robbed. I want mines at home with that ipad holder and a front camera would have worked well like that.

  • Toto
    Toto Posts: 1
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    Look since when apple thought that when people buy things they want a new one every year. If I buy the ipad I would like it to last at least 3 years with out any upgrades. Money don't grow on trees. WTF

  • Seriously iPhoneHacks get off of the iPad NutSack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does a 12 year old run your site?????

  • marc
    marc Posts: 103
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    Have any of you ever thought about maybe a plug in camera that can become available? Could happen..

  • ohjayp
    ohjayp Posts: 21
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    Dude, everyone reads iPHONEHACKS because we like the news and opinions about apple and their products. Why dont you go read some **** about tectonics and talk to your mom about her nut sack. Back to the subject, you guys are right, in a year or so there will be an ipad 3gs or a pad for heavy flow or something like that. and we all will run out and buy it.

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    Can't wait to get one to try out..Love the Ebooks since I never read on my laptop, too cumbersome
    This is the perfect size, lightweight and easy viewing. Should have something for digital camera since it is a multimedia device but then again its only 16mb,32mb & 64 mb. Not the largest storage space

    Either way tecnology can only move forward and its a step in the right direction. You can't have everything at once but then again some people are never satisfied. There was a time we were using floppy disks..remember????

  • your dady
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    yo iphonehacks is ur team working on
    jailfreaking this ipad

  • Greg
    Greg Posts: 106
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    It's definitely marketing ploy. Apple always sits on superior technology before releasing it.

    They held back on copy and paste in the iPhone, a simply piece of code in the software, so that when they gave it to us 2 years later, we'd be thrilled. Meanwhile, we all learned to live with it.

    When the iPhone 3G released, they released it with a 2MP camera so the 3GS would look better when it came out a year later (the technology for a 3.2MP was definitely there at the time of the 3G release).

    They'll release the iPad with a camera next year, next model. All marketing. Plus, for the time being, it keeps the cost of the iPad down.

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  • Z
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    you're a child.

    I'm calling the police, you're too stupid to be on the intertubes.

  • Mio Navman Spirit S300
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    I sincerely think that this lagging of camera will definitely got to bring a good amount of dissatisfaction among the customers....I think its a perfect time for apple ipad developers should surely think about it.

  • shinken1
    shinken1 Posts: 15
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    It's not just an advertising ploy, it's technological drug dealing. Give you a taste and then hit you with the price.

  • not getting one ;o)
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    Dumb if you ask me . When they do upgrade the Ipad next year they could have put a better camera in say 5 meg with flash and had 3.5 in current . They could have multi-tasking in 3.2 but for some illogical reason left it out. It's basically Iphone software stretched out on a tablet based unit. What happened to new innovative design? You can run all your iphone apps on it . Why would you want to , you have an iphone for that!

    I fail to see how this is any different to a tablet pc running windows or Windows mobile. Except its crippled by the operating system and apples restrictions from running its true potential.

    I own an iphone and like the 3gs its still just peaks above the rest at the moment. If apple keep leaving normal everyday technology out or keep crippling the technologies use when others are flaunting,then i feel they will soon fall foul of a competitor, like Android or even the new Windows Mobile 7 if it ever gets off the ground.

  • Martin
    Martin Posts: 53
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    Camera I can live without, but no multi-tasking? That's a deal breaker for me on a device like this.

  • Jordan
    Jordan Posts: 163
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    how is it running "virtually all 140,000 apps in the app store" when it has no camera and thousands of apps need the camera?

  • Mark
    Mark Posts: 267
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    Without a camera I am not buying the iPad. When it does have a forward facing camera I will buy two.

    Using iChat or Skype for me on the couch is imparative.

  • djman10
    djman10 Posts: 94
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    You hit it right on the nail!!

    And only Apple does that with its iPhone & iPod, and now iPad products. Imagine if Microsoft came out with a "revolutionary" product lacking standards like Cut & Paste, or MMS, or Multitask, or full sync-ing ability. The Apple FanBoys would have a field day.

    The Droid iDont campaign could definitely apply to this "Revolutionary" iPad that is "better than a netbook."

  • Louis
    Louis Posts: 180
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    it would be cool if one can run Office 08 on it... Port all the apps that are on my mac onto the i~vartard device n i will be sold.

    True though it would be cool if there was a front camera for ichat or something. We can send a man to the moon but ya can't put a front end camera on the i-pad.


  • barrett
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  • Steve B
    Steve B Posts: 6
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    What is more troubling with Apple's product introductions of late is leaving off obvious must-have features, i.e cut and paste. Flash support & multi-tasking but also the continuance of sealed products (no battery swaps), closed systems i.e. no USB connection (new iPad), and one of the main reasons I haven't bought a MBP yet- lack of a docking connector or a decent USB docking solution. Honestly the "best", to me, computer product Apple that builds is the Mac Mini. Won't buy iPad 1.0. Happy with Jailbroken 3g phone, mostly ;).

  • katsuboi
    katsuboi Posts: 99
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    OMG, that was hilarious!

  • carlo
    carlo Posts: 3
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    No camera, flash support is also a problem. But what about GPS? That's what makes the iphone/nexus one truly useful.

  • carlo
    carlo Posts: 3
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    OK so just read the specs again, it does have GPS!

  • RobMcHoya
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    I've been waiting 2 years for an iPad (no way I'm buying a Kindle when Amazon can reach in and remove my books). No camera is NO WHERE NEAR a deal-breaker for me. Would it have been nice? Sure.

    But this is still an amazing piece of hardware -- think about it: for the first time we have something resembling the Star Trek PADD that everyone carried around. Doctors can review charts -- get sent patient data, x-rays, etc. Textbooks for students can now come alive with electronic notes, bookmarks, etc.

    For me, I move every two or three years for work -- now I no longer have to lug around the thousands of pounds of books from country to country. As far as I can tell, Apple has hit the ball out of the park (NOT in comparison to every rumor floated about the "Jesus Tablet" over the last year, but in comparison to what's out there now -- this is a HUGE leap forward.

    I'll be ordering a 3G 64GB ASAP.

  • Aleksander
    Aleksander Posts: 4
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    Want buy it without the front cam. How can iPad be better then netbooks? No video chat, no printing, needs another computer to sync and maintain. Plain stupid.

  • trent
    trent Posts: 6
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    I think everyones wised up to apple and the way they introduce new products , they leave certain things out example camera and such forth so they can intoduce an upgraded version later and get more money out of us! lol