iPhone OS 3.2 SDK Released: External Display, File Sharing, No Multi-Tasking, No iPhone Support

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imageiPhone OS 3.2 SDK Released: External Display, File Sharing, No Multi-Tasking, No iPhone Support

After unveiling the iPad, Apple has released iPhone OS 3.2 SDK beta for developers to develop apps for the iPad. As you might already be aware, iPhone OS 3.2 currently works only on the iPad and does not support iPhone or iPod touch. One of the key tools that comes...

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  • muphinDOTnet
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    then shouldn't it be called the iPad 3.2 SDK?

  • colin
    colin Posts: 28
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    I haven't tried running any apps on the iPhone device but the new APIs that aren't iPad specific run fine in the iPhone simulator.

  • Val
    Val Posts: 60
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    I was thinking the same thing. Why call it iPhone OS 3.2 if it isn't for the iPhone?

  • steven
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  • Bogdan
    Bogdan Posts: 10
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    It seams promising... but with no camera/USB or flash, this is not a computer. Its just an all in one game console/digital newspaper/bookreader.
    Good thing that they still have a built in mic, but I would of rather seen an input jack.
    Like I said, it looks promising, maybe with a couple hacks in the future, it will end up being an awesome device!

    Anyone else agree?

  • ja1lbr3akma5ter
    ja1lbr3akma5ter Posts: 2
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    i wonder if the ability to have custom backgrounds will be added to the iphone sdk, or will we still have to jailbreak for a thing so simple as that?

    EL GRANDE NERDO Posts: 2
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    what the hell is wrong with steve jobs why build something that is gonna be so closed up, its all a money making scam to get all of his followers to buy.

    the thing looks good its sleek and all that schnazz but its missing so much its not worth buying, why carry this piecester when you can just take your laptop with you and avoid smudges. the iphone is better than this crapper.

  • Toqeer
    Toqeer Posts: 6
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    i fail to see the point of the ipad, laptops can do what it can do, the iphone can do better in some respects, isnt it just an oversized ipod touch????

  • tim
    tim Posts: 173
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    Sorry, but for me, the HP tablet seems far more useable than a 'tiny flash memory' to me. Be more useful too.
    I currently use an old Tesco stock counting tablet that runs an intel 1.6 centrino, 320Gb hdd, 3gig ram under a 9.5 inch touch screen with 4.5 hours per charge. Runs win7
    why do Apple give us flashy images of what is really 'a giant iPhone suffering the bad side of steroid abuse'??
    No, I think I'll save my money for

  • maurice29@me.com
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    Not worth the money at all.
    why don't Apple put this money and time into developing new software, like iLife 2010 and moving to support full 1080 HD video Blue ray.
    Very nice looking but that's about it.