Apple Tablet Rumor Scorecard

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imageApple Tablet Rumor Scorecard

One and a half months of pure frenzy and the Apple iPad is finally here. Along the way, we had an amazing number of rumors and speculations. There were a few that made logical sense (front-facing Camera?), a few that sounded outrageous (HDTV tuner?) and a few that we were...

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  • Wolverinemarky
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    NO its way off of what I expected, there no flash, no dual camera, no new OS running it. Apple seems to have this habit of letting us down only to release something later version with the stuff we ask for in the first place. If the new iPhone doesnt have flash or doesnt have dual camera I dont think I will be upgrading to it will go to another phone. Getting sick of apple dropping the ball on standard features that a lot of phones have

  • Paul
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    No flash, no buy. Sorry apple

  • Matt Katawicz
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    I really wanted it to have a front-facing camera. This is the only thing that is preventing me from buying one as soon as it gets released. I'm ecstatic about the price. I never thought Apple would jack up the price.

  • qquan
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    Overprice Itouch. No phone, no camera

  • Robert
    Robert Posts: 146
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    Weak effort by Apple. So disappointed!

  • RobMcHoya
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    Flash is so overrated. It is hyper-unstable and the cause of the bulk of Safari crashes. I probably would've decided NOT to buy an iPad if it had come with Flash.

    As for the camera -- sure it would be nice, but not a deal-breaker for me. This does EXACTLY what I want it to do: allows me to read books that I OWN (hear that, Amazon, you book-stealing "basterds"...), watch movies on a bigger screen that my iPhone (while still more portable than my MacBook Pro), and surf the web.

    You know, it seems like everyone's been SO obsessed with bells and whistles that they've forgotten that sometime simpler is best -- especially when it's designed well and USEFUL. I think this is going to be a big hit -- may take a couple of years, but it's definitely a genre-defining pice of hardware. I cannot wait until April (i LOVE that the 3G is unlocked!!)

    Well done, again, Mr. Jobs. THank you.

  • I bleed apple juice
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    I probably won't be getting the iPad because I already own a Mac desktop, a17" MBP, and an iPhone. But if I were to get one I probably would not hesitate to hack it as soon as a multi-tasking hack was available. I never seriously considered hacking my iPhone but would consider hacking the iPad if multi-tasking were not natively available. Any bets on how long it takes for someone to come up with a hack solution?

  • klutch
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    Maybe I missing something but what can it do that my iPhone can't? I don't mind the size of the iPhone or it's screen. Why would I pay another 30 a month for the same non-flash same speed Internet I already have on my phone. I just don't see where the tablet will fit in.

  • Chris
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  • Seriously iPhoneHacks get off of the iPad NutSack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does a 12 year old run your site?????

  • Beatngu
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    Ipad is just ****,its maybe cool to buy for someone that dont have a iphone/itouch but for us owning a iphone,its just a waste of money.

    Maybe im still going to buy it after its hacked,so you can run homebrews and other cool stuff.
    But for now there are no chance in hell ill buy this ****.

    The 64gb 3g version is the only 1 intessing from all models and at the same price class you can get a nice macbook/laptop.

  • ObiwanaKenobyashi
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    Well good news is that you still can access and watch ****, which is the most important selling point out of all the features.