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    Adobe CEO Blames Apple's "Walled Garden" Policies For Flash Deadlock

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
    via Wordpress in
    imageAdobe CEO Blames Apple's "Walled Garden" Policies For Flash Deadlock

    The war of words between Apple and Adobe over Cupertino's refusal to incorporate Flash on the iPhone platform has continued for quite a while now. After Steve Jobs recently called Adobe Flash a "CPU Hog", a source of "security holes" and a dying technology, his counterpart at Adobe, Shantanu Narayen,...

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    • hdwgeekhdwgeek Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      I believe, no matter which side is right... You simply cannot have a decent web experience without Flash. So Apple and Nintendo should join the rest of us here in 2010.

    • Franky jFranky j Posts: 142
      via Wordpress

      did Shantanu just called apple a walled garden. Ooh no he didn't! Lmao. But yeah I blame this flash thing on apple. It's true open the garden up and let everyone enjoy the web like were suppose to. Adobe is not going away anytime soon, maybe never. But u know Steve jobs once he says something he won't fall on anyone knees his god remember.

    • Flash ManFlash Man Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I want my flash !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RickRick Posts: 104
      via Wordpress

      Jobs is right for one thing, Flash is "CPU HOG" and need performance tweak. But Apple need to open UP there standard and listening to their customer(or fan). We can't wait for HMTL5, that about 5 years from now. Flash IS the actual most use plugging, to winning Apple and Adobe and work together.

      One think I don't undertstand. We Jailbreak community can crack the apple firmware in less than a week, do all kind of excellent apps. But we just can't do a FLASH pluging? Is it so hard to do it? I'm starting to learn C obj and my goal is to understand how can we start this project.

      Since Apple just close the door to ADOBE, maybe ADOBE will help the JAILBREAK community (undercover loll) just to prove FLASH can work on Iphone.

    • AndreAndre Posts: 64
      via Wordpress

      Adobe should just release a version for Jailbroken iPhones and let the user make the decision and see if its' a CPU hog, if it's good then everybody will want it and perhaps protest to Apple, who knows.

    • BradBrad Posts: 54
      via Wordpress

      My web browsing experience on the 3G is already slow enough. It will definitely be far slower when lazy sites start counting on flash to do their interfaces. Flash is nice for brochures and presentations where appearance is king. It is horrible for everyday use sites where speed and functionality are king.

    • jewmanjewman Posts: 19
      via Wordpress

      it already exists dude

    • jewmanjewman Posts: 19
      via Wordpress

      i dont use flash very often any more because i was having problems with it the same ones apple talked about il open five or seven tabs and my computer fan will go on or it will start slowing slightly because the mac version of flash is shitty because adobe didn't make an efficient version and so it caused my computer to heat up waste battery cpu speed and ram and so i installed click to flash which only plays flash content when you click on it and all these problems went away so it is affecting mac performance and if it were on the iphone which is a much less powerful device than my macbook pro 17inch unibody 2.93ghz 2 core duo with geforce 9600m gt and 8 gigs of ram, than it would kill the battery in no time so id rather have a phone that lasts through the day than one that can watch pirated videos in its browser plus i prefer app interfaces better than web apps web apps are kinda bad

    • MartinMartin Posts: 53
      via Wordpress

      Come on people stop all this, oh its a power hog and its going out of date, what a load of rubbish!....its so people cant make flash apps, which will kill the app store. Iam sick and tired of apple being so closed....ive had fun with my iphone 3G for the past year but iam fed up, i am moving on to android where you can use it and a hell of a lot more!!

    • FLASH.R.U.Game?FLASH.R.U.Game? Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      @RickBeing a iBabbling Sheeple isn't difficult when you've made CrApple your only gOd and iDol. It only proves how PWNED your mind is, when you take in bogus information and just parrot it back, as if it's the whole truth! for you, it's NOT!This article just stated the facts on FLASH's market penetration in concrete terms that can't be denied or proved wrong. By comparison to all other plugins available today, FLASH ranks as the widest distributed plugin on the planet with an over 90% browser install rate globally.Even Apple realizes this and uses FLASH Ads via 3rd party websites for it's own products. Because they know that for things like iOS products and "Smart Cover" animation they can't get to people without Quicktime (less than 40% market installed, but almost as insecure as ActiveX plugin). If I'm on any other mobile device (other than Apple's iOS), I can't see a QT ad or site which is only used by less than 20% of the web!So here's why FLASH isn't going to DIE anytime soon!!!No other form of Secure Payment or DRM for HTML5 exists. Until it does, content providers will continue to rely on FLASH!But the biggest reason is much simpler than that! the form of fully GPU Accelerated (using 0-5% CPU) 3D content. Including P2P gaming via 3D Molehill API's in fully "Distributed Computing Networks". Although it's still in Beta, we are standing on the brink of a FLASH REVOLUTION... a new age of FLASH content w/ full P2P content sharing cross platforms, the likes of which people have only dreamed of before. A fully inter connected interactive World without WALLS to divide us!A World like Sony only hinted at where every device has the power of a Super Computer at it's disposal in a World of OpenCL (that Apple initiated in Khronos) will become Apple's own Worst Nightmare and in the end, it's own Garden Walls Demise!!! ....the people left INSIDE, will be Apple themselves!!! lol.... while we're all playing outside those walls. Well except all you iSheeple True Believers!!!
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