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    Apple Working On Two New iPhones; One For Verizon

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageApple Working On Two New iPhones; One For Verizon

    We are expecting Apple to release the fourth generation iPhone in June or July as Apple usually releases a new version of the iPhone in summer since it was launched in 2007. Wall Street Journal is reporting that according to “people briefed on the matter”, Apple is working on not...

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    • WolverrinemarkyWolverrinemarky Posts: 2
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      I won't be switching I'm happy with AT&T services if I can get 3g in my area I would be happy. I hope verizon doesn't rape iPhone users on the monthly bill like they tend to do for smartphones

    • nicknick Posts: 219
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      Absolutly noooo!!!

    • DavidDavid Posts: 225
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      I say F**K verizon they charge you for everything. I have had sprint, verizon and now i have at&t. AT&T is really not a bad company they have great customer service and very good 3G service. Any one going to Verizon is making a bad choice, unless you like paying for everything then by all means go to Verizon!!

    • via Wordpress

      Ma Bell is going to continue to upgrade their service and will always be better than Verizon. There is seldom a place i go that i don't have 3G service. And if there is such a place i have edge. Never had a problem with at&t. I do hate computer customer service but everyone has that now.

    • via Wordpress

      That is to say computerized telephone customer service.

    • Seattle GuySeattle Guy Posts: 0
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      Only if the 4G LTE allows outcalling while searching the web. If so.. Good bye ATT

    • AlexAlex Posts: 383
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      i think its a stupid move if they release a CDMA version of the iphone if it get released in set september it will be useless until the end of the year cuz like it was stated Verizon 4g doesn't launch until the end of the year and can you imagine the price on that data plan i hope apple is smart and just stick to GSM

    • MichaelMichael Posts: 316
      via Wordpress

      Man.... I'll believe it when I see it! So sick & tired of these verizon rumors! AT&T honestly has great coverage & I live in NY. Sure there are a lot of dropped calls , but it's bc half the frikkin country owns an iPhone! I'm stickin with AT&T & I don't see apple makin this move to create a CDMA phone when it can't be used outside this country. F verizon!!!!

    • RadjinRadjin Posts: 15
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      All my rollover minuets, free calls to every land based or mobile based AT&T or SBC phone and a family plan with 4 phones that costs about the same as one Smartphone on Verizon. Naw, I will stay with AT&T.

    • tommytommy Posts: 28
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      I'm sticking with AT&T...Feel sorry for the suckers that switch...

    • ChumasoChumaso Posts: 0
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      If they make the I Phones hearing aid compatible ~ M4/T4 there would be more I Phone users and "switchers" ~I would have "switched" ages ago~ ~ they are very unfriendly to the T-Coils users~ that's why I went to Droid.

    • trenttrent Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      WRONG! It's China Unicoms 2010 upgrade - which runs a different version of CDMA than the US.

      Oh hey, remember all those rumors yesterday about a new iPhone coming out for Verizon that had everyone all excited? Well, analysts, wet blankets that they are, had to go and ruin the fun. Maynard J. Um, an analyst who is only indecisive in name, was quick to deem a Verizon launch "unlikely" for this year, with CDMA iPhones possibly going to China Telecom or Japan's KDDI. [AppleInsider]

    • C. AlexanderC. Alexander Posts: 3
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      You people are a little on the stupid side with the baseless statements that Verizon's rates are "SO" very different from AT&T. They charge the same rates for their smartphones and things. Also, if you travel a bit or live in a small town, Verizon is the way to go. There is MUCH better 3G coverage than with AT&T. I have always had to rely on EDGE with the iPhone due to where I live now, and that's why I switched. As far as talking on the phone and surfing the web at the same time, I'm not really impressed. I find that the need for that is so pressing that I only notice it when it's mentioned in the SAD AT&T ads trying to compare to Verizon....

    • AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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      I dont think it is going to happen. Apple has refused to deal with cdma carriers. In Canada Bell and tellus are
      cdma they dont have the iphone. those two carriers are just as big as verizon. However both Bell and TEllus
      decided to go hsdpa witch is gsm technologhy and now there getting the iphone with in a week. China Mobile
      has openly begged Apple for the iphone and Apple refuses to put the iphone on there network. China Mobile
      is the largest mobile carrier in the world with 500 million subscribers. Kddi also pleaded with apple but no iphone on there cdma network.
      ( Verizon has also decided to join the gsma. Qualcom has decided to join the gsma. (
      Qualcom has also abandoned any research to create a new standard for cdma to compete with gsm's Lte.
      " (Rev. B will appear in non-US markets, while Qualcomm's 4G Ultra Mobile Broadband was abandoned.)"
      When verizon goes Lte(gsm technology) then they will get an iphone. Four things happened when wsj report came out.
      1) verizon stock prices went up.
      2) Apple stock prices went up.
      3) smart phone sales and upgrades halted at verizon.
      4) qualcom stock prices went up.


      Thanks Andy

    • FreeBSD4meFreeBSD4me Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Good bye AT&T! I get dropped calls constantly, slow 3G internet speed and can't tether my iPhone with my Macbook. The tethering is available for most carriers that provide iPhone service, AT&T admits that they don't have the infrastructure for tethering. AT&T has a monopoly on the iPhone market in the USA, you'd think they would have invested in the infrastructure to support it. AT&T is the worst carrier on the planet. I like Sprint, they have a good price and great service, I with they would get an iPhone.

    • Dino SummerDino Summer Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Can't wait to try Verizon with my iphone.... AT & T reception is awful ... one example in my job people with Verizon's phones can talk anywhere in the building and the ones with AT&T with always have to be close to window or have to go to any open places to be full connected ... I live in SF which anyone will think it won't happen here in the city, I don't even want to know how is the reception in small cities !

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