iPhone Tips & Tricks - Focus: iPhone's Keyboard

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imageiPhone Tips & Tricks - Focus: iPhone's Keyboard

One of the gambles Apple took with with the iPhone, dubbed the most hyped gadget ever created, was doing away with a physical keyboard and instead featuring a full QWERTY soft keyboard on the large multi-touch display with innovative new software. Apple wanted to ensure that there are no hiccups...

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  • koreyel
    koreyel Posts: 1
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    I just want to type a period.

    I don't want to learn any tricks, read any blogs, download any kludges.

    I paid hunderds of dollars for my iBrick.

    Is typing a period too much ask?

  • noreaga
    noreaga Posts: 1
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    Press the .123 button.

    Type your period.

    Done. Was that too much too ask?

  • Double space
    Double space Posts: 1
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    Why can't it be like Windows Mobile where you can just press the space button twice?

  • Ricardo Cavalieri
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    "OutlookSyncClient.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

    I have researched and have already uninstalled iTunes, Quicktime, and Apple related software, ran a registry cleaner, made sure all iTunes folders (except playlist and music folder) were gone and reinstalled. No luck there

    Could you get solution?

  • Flex
    Flex Posts: 3
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    Mi iphone does not have the itunes icon, how do i install this.

    Any help please let me know

  • yadayadayada
    yadayadayada Posts: 1
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    When you plug ur iPhone into the computer it will ask you to upload new software and at that time you click yes. If it is the 1.01.2 then it will add the purple iTunes app. and if you want to type a period you quickly double tap the space bar. Also if you are playing music and the keyboard isn't showing you can double click the home button and it will show you the different (pause, forward, etc.) buttons at the top of the screen. Hope this helps. =)

  • laurie
    laurie Posts: 8
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    In answer to noreaga's question/comment...

    It can be set up. Go to [Settings], then [General], then [Keyboard], and then turn ["." Shortcut] on.

    Now whenever you double-tap the space bar it will insert a full stop.

  • CMa
    CMa Posts: 1
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    I have a BlackBerry Pearl, and I am about to migrate to the iphone.

    I've got fat fingers. I liked the pearls abbreviated keyboard. I have gotten used to it ( much like graffi from my palm days ).

    Is there a hack/app out there that would emulate the pearl keyboard? I realize it's probably much more complicated than that and perhaps proprietary, but I am curious.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Posts: 80
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    i type hell and it recommends he'll, i type helll and it recommends hello. i type well with no recommendations, i type well and it recommends wells, the we're trick also doesn't work on my iphone, anyone know how to turn the predictive off? It always steers me in the wrong direction and i hate having to cancel a recommendation before hitting spacebar every other word, otherwise i get a word i don't want. most of my texts and emails are business but casual so "2moro", "thanx", "kno" and "ur" are preferable but a pain because the i phone thinks it knows what i want. "thanx" gives me "Thant" u.n. secretary general 1961-71 , how many times in an email or text do i really need to reference him. anyway to customize predictions? or do i always have to stop to say, "thank you for the help but thats not what i was looking for".

  • Carlos
    Carlos Posts: 45
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    jimmy, I totally agree with you. It is really annoying. Any suggestions out there?

  • Ayal
    Ayal Posts: 1
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    space-space types period-space from the letter keyboard.

    dadada P. O. Box something

  • Chris
    Chris Posts: 736
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    stop whining.

    all they've done is try to make things easier for people as a general; they're not gonna be able to cater to everyone individually.
    how about we start writing words properly again because the spelling and grammar of today's youth is awful. why do we really needs to write "thanx" when "thanks" is only 1 more letter away. plus, the iphone is designed to remember words, so give it a chance to.

    if you're gonna sit there and bad-mouth the phone by focusing on the negatives, then i challenge you to go and design you're own phone and do a better job.


  • sonia@hotmail.com
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    just go to the place you bought your iphone or call if you order it online & tell them that the icon didn't show . they will get you a new one .. for sure they will ...well they might ask for receipt too . . && if they dont then go to google and search how to download itunes app & it will show up and you just download it . . .

  • Annoyed
    Annoyed Posts: 2
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    How about a damn delete key or an end key?

  • Sergi
    Sergi Posts: 1
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    With this tips and fastmail app the iphone keyboard isn't so bad.
    Maybe you need some time to get used to iphone's keyboard but after few days you start type faster and faster.

  • New line
    New line Posts: 1
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    How can I go to a new line to start a new paragraph for example?

  • Anon
    Anon Posts: 63
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    Dunno if this is posted or not, but; to type a period at the end of the sentence just hit the space bar twice. Puts a period and capitalizes the next word. Why? cause proper grammar rules dictate that at the end of the sentence you should put two spaces!

  • Mapuc
    Mapuc Posts: 1
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    whether in the future development of the iphone will release a mini-type and elegant? without reducing the sophistication and reliability of the technology itself iphone?

  • Robert
    Robert Posts: 146
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    What?! Punctuation is not grammar, and that's wrong anyway. The use of 2 spaces after a period is limited to typewriters.

  • G
    G Posts: 25
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  • msmorto@cisco.com
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    how do I type ` which is the lower case ~ on the iPhone?

  • piteree
    piteree Posts: 1
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    msmorto, go to .?123 and hold the ' key. You've got it ;)

  • DavieBoy
    DavieBoy Posts: 4
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    To type: he'll = hell space hell = hellll hello=helll
  • DavieBoy
    DavieBoy Posts: 4
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    Also, use the slide method and hold your finger over the different for a second and you will see a lot of new strokes that don't show up on the keyboard. Check the period and question mark. Very cool
  • DavieBoy
    DavieBoy Posts: 4
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    One stroke CAPS. Is easily done by starting with the caps arrow on the left and sliding over to the wanted key then releasing.
  • DavieBoy
    DavieBoy Posts: 4
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    I'm looking for a "macro" type app that allows one stroke for frequently used words or phrases. I.e. An web address. Any ideas?
  • Peggie May
    Peggie May Posts: 1
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    Sometimes when I hit a letter, another letter far away from it is typed. Also, when I hit the space bar, a letter will appear! If I wait for 5 seconds, the problem disappears. This is frustrating. How can I fix this?
  • Adrian vG
    Adrian vG Posts: 1
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    The "enter website without .com" ... trick... works in ALL browsers, desktop and mobile, not just Safari on the iPhone.
  • JusJami
    JusJami Posts: 1
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    Is there an app or some other way to change from the qwerty keyboard to a "phone" keyboard, I hate texting on the qwerty, and it's about the only thing stopping me from getting the Iphone.
  • Diamond
    Diamond Posts: 2
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