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    iPad News Roundup: iPad To Be Available On Best Buy, 30000 Free eBooks On iBookstore

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
    via Wordpress in
    imageiPad News Roundup: iPad To Be Available On Best Buy, 30000 Free eBooks On iBookstore

    Will the iPad change the way people consume content? In an interesting article published earlier this week, NewsWeek writer Daniel Lyons sees how our lifestyles could change once the iPad goes mainstream. With the iPad, Daniel sees people with a "persistent online connection", which will get them to remain connected...

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    • PebsUKPebsUK Posts: 41
      via Wordpress

      If sore, itchy eyes are what you looking for, seems to me this is the perfect device! Free books on the app store, wow!!!

    • ChrisChris Posts: 736
      via Wordpress

      wow it never fails...yet and still some dumb ass has to post his negative comments on iphone would think if people dont want it they would leave it alone...but it is funny...the more people that bash the ipad the more people talk about it...with word of mouth spreading like wild fire the avrage joe that would never look on line for a product now finds them self looking up the muck talked about product...and even if 1 % of the avrage john does buys one then all the dumb ass people like our firend pebsuk (who must have a ipad and hurt his eyes reading it all rdy)can help sell this product of the future...

      but i digress, i am not a apple fan boy, i have 3 windows 7 pc's and a iphone.. i did res the ipad 32gb from apple..but i am a teck hore plain and simple fokes...

      or perhaps i am wrong (along with the 240,000 people who res the ipad for the april 3 launch)

    • PebsUKPebsUK Posts: 41
      via Wordpress

      Have you tried reading books on the iPhone for any length of time Chris? I love the iPhone as a phone, social networking device, games player but reading on it leaves my eyes sore and itchy I understand I'm not alone in this and its all to do with the backlight and hasn't the pad got a similar screen?. Come on now it's not me proposing it as the new panacea for ebooks!! Good luck with the new toy!

    • BlueBlue Posts: 32
      via Wordpress

      I've heard people say reading on computer screen causes eye strain. Doesn't bother me in the slightest. Perhaps I've been in front of a screen for so long (hobby 25 years, profession 15 years... 8-12 hrs a day!), my eyes have adjusted.

      I've been using my iPhone as a replacement for my Sony eReader for the last year (no Windows 7 drivers, go Sony). Now that I have been using Stanza all this time (read most days on my lunches) I don't want to go with any other eReader... other than perhaps Stanza on the iPad.

      Stoked, I've just received shipping notification. Can't wait to try it out!!

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