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    AT&T Worked With Apple To Tweak iPhone To Address Network Performance Issues

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
    via Wordpress in
    imageAT&T Worked With Apple To Tweak iPhone To Address Network Performance Issues

    AT&T is the nation's fastest 3G network - This is the claim not just from Ma Bell but also from third party studies conducted by PC World and Gizmodo. However, until a few months back, there had been loud voices against the company's network infrastructure. While the network operator is...

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    • Franky jFranky j Posts: 142
      via Wordpress

      Well I'm in Connecticut and must say that AT&T for my wife and I haven't changed. We still get droped calls in my house. But what I don't understand is that if I look out my window like 5 blocks away there's a tower. Maybe it's not AT&T's tower. I don't know. But I still get droped calls. Internet I'm always on wifi here. 3g is a waste of battery and My surfing time. Ooh I'm so use to my droped calls that somtimes I forget what I'm missing like sprint. Evo I'm waitting

    • via Wordpress

      the only way people will stay with AT&T

      if they offer 4 g and $10 iPhone tethering
      also live tv. otherwise they are going
      to lose a lot of costomers. The time
      for AT&T to stop their crap policies
      is here.also they should drop charges
      for unlimited pakage $99 with everything .

    • terryterry Posts: 28
      via Wordpress

      The Verizon iPhone rumor is WRONG. The "CDMA iPhone" in Question is this year's update to the China Unicom iPhone - which is CDMA... but TD-CDMA (different than american CDMA).

      If you remember last year when all the verizon rumors started due to an Apple job post for a CDMA engineer, it turned out to be the China Unicom version. Apple has never invested in old technology and American CDMA has already started the death watch with AT&T and Verizon openly stating they are moving to the global standard of LTE starting this year. Apple has never been about capturing more market share…they are about profit plain and simple. If they were after marketshare they would have never made exclusive agreements in the first place. But they did so they could command $600 per iPhone from their carrier partners. If they were about market share they would have released $500 laptops by now…but they didn’t. Apple is about a premium product at a premium cost.

      Anyone that knows anything about business will also tell you that Apple (and all companies) use the press to artificially inflate their stock price prior to product launch. Need proof. Visit the youtube video, scroll to 3:30 in and watch Crammer explain how Apple specifically does this. He basically describes exactly what happened yesterday – calling newspapers and leaking fake stories - which can't be disproved because Apple "doesn't comment on ongoing projects". Brilliant isn't it?

    • 420Dude420Dude Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      I live in CT also and I've never really had problems with ATT. I also have a sprint phone for work and I must say it's not good at all, most times my manager in order to reach me has to call my iPhone. Plus I used to be with Verizon and that was an horrible experience too for me. I live in a building with mostly concrete walls and I never use to have more than one bar when I was home, now with ATT I always have between 4 & 5 bars. Maybe it's just because of the area I live in (New Haven County) but that's my experience with all 3 carriers.

    • mabbentmabbent Posts: 40
      via Wordpress

      in general the closer you are to a tower the greater your chance of poor connection quality.

    • Network GuyNetwork Guy Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Wrong. Maybe you should be taking that Network 101 class offered to Apple and understand how RF works before making comments like this. Moving closer to an AT&T tower equals more signal.

    • JonahJonah Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      The service with AT&T here in Tennessee absolutely sucks!! There isn't even 3g within 45 miles ( Verizon has it). On my front porch, I have full signal. Inside my front door no signal wtf!! I have what the say is a $600 iphone, when the guy beside me at work got his Verizon phone for FREE with his plan, I can only play games while he is making and receiving calls and text!!!

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