Two iPod Touch Prototypes With Camera Briefly Show Up On Ebay

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imageTwo iPod Touch Prototypes With Camera Briefly Show Up On Ebay

9to5Mac have discovered two iPod Touch prototypes on eBay. The iPod Touch prototypes appears to have a camera at the back and a development version of iPhone OS. The iPod Touch prototypes are marked with 'DVT-1' and 'DVT-2', 'Apple Development Team'. You might remember that it was widely speculated that...

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  • kenq
    kenq Posts: 1
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    now there is another reason for me to buy yet another iPod toy. Sometimes I wish apple would make a really crappy product just to help me save some money. Oh the pains of the rich!

  • bhodi
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    Haha, they better watch out... Apple's lawyers (evidently they don't make enough money already) might kick off another "criminal campaign" to reel these badboys back in.

  • The poor
    The poor Posts: 0
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    or, there is always the option of helping those who aren't rich be able to afford the toys you enjoy so plentifully!

  • 523
    523 Posts: 15
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    ohh great i just got an ipt 3g and now this comes out
    apple shouls just make an add-on like a siple bluetooth camera for the reast of us.

  • Hmmmm
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    DVT usually stands for digital video tuner.
    its freeview.
    dvt t1 is regular freeview and dvt t2 is hd freeview

  • Wolverinemarky
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    i think the iPod Touch should have had a camera from day one so even though its a gaming machine the nintendo ds has a camera and so does other portable gaming machines they need to catch up

  • Ng
    Ng Posts: 14
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    if you look closely, u can see that there is a pizelated outline around the dvt-1 and dvt-2 symbols, aka, photoshopped low quality pictures.

  • Max
    Max Posts: 62
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    Shame their fake!
    Like that bloke said DVT- is very pixelated and lets face it brand new prototypes are not going to be as scratched as they are!
    Big shame
    looking forward to the camera and 4.0 firmware though!!

  • ShaQ1nJ
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    Grab a straight edge of something and align it vertically on the right side of the Apple logo on the DVT-1 pic. Then scroll down the page and stop at the DVT-2 pic. The Apple logos are roughly in the same position on both iPod touch pics (if you want, align straight edge with left side of apple logo and then scroll down). Now look at the DVT1 and DVT2 symbols and notice how far apart they are from their positions. DVT1 is closer to the left side of the iPod while DVT2 is closer to the right side. These photos must have been manipulated in Photoshop. Or the Apple Devs just got lazy, said **** it, and just slapped the symbol onto the back without a care in the world... Of course, you can completely disagree with my logic. However, this is the only proof that I find strong enough to deem these photos fake.

  • NicholaZ
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    Fake. Must be some eBay-ers' plans in hoping to con the gullible buyers. L-O-L.

  • Marty McPadden
    Marty McPadden Posts: 3
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    It certainly looks like Steve Jobs is planning a camera for the next iPod Touch. Whatever the technical issues were that prevented the camera from making it into the current generation appears to have been solved. I predict Steve Jobs will wait until the fall to introduce new iPods as been the pattern as to not dim the spotlight on the new iPhone which is probably coming this June/July.

  • Tebonin
    Tebonin Posts: 33
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    Camera is not a big deal should not be this hard to add at Ipod Touch?
    Btw anything is possible on Ebay....