Identity Of Person Who Found Lost Next Generation iPhone Revealed

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imageIdentity Of Person Who Found Lost Next Generation iPhone Revealed

The identity of the person who found the iPhone 4G prototype in a San Jose bar last month and later sold it to Gizmodo has been revealed as Brian J. Hogan. According to Hogan's attorney, the 21 year old Redwood city resident is presently being questioned by the law enforcement...

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  • Israelfox
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    So much drama for a phone Jezz is Apple Engineers fault for losing it dumb alchoholic lol

  • Matthew
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    Finders keepers, losers weepers!

  • Gary
    Gary Posts: 37
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    This entire thing is going WAY TOOOOOO far...

  • I SAY
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    who cares stolen or whatever....
    spirit supposed to be released today!... its been almost 11 hours and nothing.... were is it at!!? comon comex!!!!

  • aj
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    Wow, I wish my stolen items would get this much attention...

    Because you know, police treat companies the same as people..

  • Seriously..
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    I agree with you. My friends brothers car got broken into and in order to get into the car they cut the top of his convertible and ripped off his entire dash trying to get to the stereo.

    His brother went out side and caught them stealing stuff from his car and they ran off. He called the police and they said, "Well is your life at risk?" He said, "No.." and they said, "Well there isn't anything we can do about it".

    So basically you can get away with stealing from people as long as you don't risk hurting them physically. I hate cops..

  • Crazy
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    apple did all of this on purpose, if they had not, the developer who lost the phone would now be homeless and unable to find employment ANYWHERE. Apple needs to not let their hype machine diversely effect the innocent tools that they make of people- they knew this would happen

  • A Black Dude
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    they are only obligated to do anything if a weapon is involved....that's y u always lie. say they said they had a knife...or a gun....then they will investigate...but yes this is a crime. we all know that...but any other person who knew anything about tech would have done the exact same thing.

  • Val
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    What type of Engineer brings a prototype to a bar, and then leaves it?

  • steve bald head
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    why only blame the kid? why treat this as a crime...bullshesh! Why not blame the one who lost it?? if the device is so important to cause such drama then he shouldnt brough to the bar in the first place....he must held responsible for losing it.

    an example is wat if the engineer brought some sort of explosive prototype device with him and he lost it and someone found it and so curious to power on to see what kind of device then boom! it blows the heck of that person......then who's going to held responsible for it? Apple? the Engineer? Bar Owner? or say that person deserves it coz stealing? Fawk dumb shiet!

    This country is load of shiets ....richest owns this country and create the laws....everybody must obey or else they put in you jail and then homeless then eat cement and sleep under bridges.

    Money and Lawyers are the most powerful in America.

  • dawbrain
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    they are lucky i did not find it i.d have sold it to the chinese who would have released it before apple. then we.d all have one for one quater the price.

  • Tebonin
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    Why apple recently have all these drama these days. Because they wanna be seen on the news everyday. Without this Chinese people also can release something before apple. Lol