Police Investigating Lost Next Gen iPhone Prototype Incident Seize Gizmodo Editor's Computers [Updat

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imagePolice Investigating Lost Next Gen iPhone Prototype Incident Seize Gizmodo Editor's Computers [Updated]

We had reported over the weekend that police was investigating the lost next generation iPhone prototype incident. Gizmodo has just reported that California’s Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team entered their editor Jason Chen’s house on Friday night with a search warrant and has confiscated a total of 24 items, which...

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  • Dan
    Dan Posts: 348
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    Wtf! lol
    Stupid Apple Sometimes..

  • Sam
    Sam Posts: 218
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    First one to say this is bullshit. I feel bad for Jason Chen. What do they need his computers and servers for anyways? Did they even get the iPhone prototype?

  • tim
    tim Posts: 173
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    But its doesn't make any sense, its obvious that he did't steal the device! Apple is geting mad

  • motto motto
    motto motto Posts: 1
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    This is bullshit. I hope the fact that the state broke the law themselves they get some kind of law suit

  • mybizzlekashnizzel
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    lol all tje fan boys of Apple are sucking their asses instead of to turn their back to those aliens and buy some phone that's community friendly.
    basicly apple is jerk and wants to control everythink and all they care about is bi big money. and one another thing. I used to hate bill gates and microsoft but lately I just found out apple is 10x worse

  • ewj
    ewj Posts: 26
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    Apple is evil and today proves it.

  • Tick
    Tick Posts: 28
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    I do believe a blog such as Gizmodo meets the criteria for being a wire service. Therefore, this search is completely invalid. And all so called evidence as a result of the search is inadmissable.
    They can't even get him for recieving stolen property. To do so they have to prove he knew it was stolen.
    I hope San Mateo can afford a hefty civil suit for violating his rights.

  • Think people.
    Think people. Posts: 1
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    Idiot deserves every charge put against him from this, apparently you all think that because everyone wants to know the features of the next iPhone that he is excluded from the law for keeping it and disassembling it.
    The simple fact is that he paid $5000 for what he knew was stolen property, it's just like finding a wallet with a thousand dollars and taking the money then giving the wallet back to it's owner and saying that it was like that when you found it.
    Both him and the seller should be prosecuted as an example that you can't get away with sort of stuff.

  • Steve jobs
    Steve jobs Posts: 57
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    Hey...thats what you get when you **** with the big dawg. Anyone else wants to be a hero?

  • Theahbal
    Theahbal Posts: 14
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    Chen you just got your ticket out of this ****! thank those idiots for doing what they did because you will be dropping a lawsuit on their ass and they just gave you some free money! they had no right doing any of that! good luck especially with getting your door fixed!

  • Gohans
    Gohans Posts: 18
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    These are the greatest news i've heard today! Chen i hope you get charged guilty for buying stolen property you dumbfuck!!!!,
    and how about this as your new front page gizmodo? these are grrrrreat news!

    and for those idiots above... this is a criminal investigation, not a civil one, done by the police and not done on Apple behest.

  • Tom k
    Tom k Posts: 3
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    Shows how the legal system can be bought by big corporations. You'd think Jobs would let them slide especially how he moved himself to the head of the transplant line.

  • Your not Steve Jobs
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    lol OK Steve...fag.

  • Hmmmm
    Hmmmm Posts: 18
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    California’s Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team

    yeah that sounds real

  • Ray
    Ray Posts: 121
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    what the hell.. this is nonsense i swear. like just unveil the damn phone already, geezzzz all this crap is getting me sick i swear

  • big boi
    big boi Posts: 1
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    Apple just did this so they can see what info gizmo has on the ultra secret iphone.....

  • Apple sux
    Apple sux Posts: 1
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    Apple is gay. Just like the fan boys.

  • Harsha
    Harsha Posts: 84
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    i cant believe this....

  • Tom
    Tom Posts: 314
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    You guys do all know this is fake and a setup. What they fail to provide is actual evidence that any of this is going on.

  • Zed Sefi
    Zed Sefi Posts: 143
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    The Apple revenge has just began, beware !!!

  • Theahbal
    Theahbal Posts: 14
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    That is true this can very well be a marketing scheme induced by Apple & Gizmo's and we are all suckers!

  • Chris
    Chris Posts: 736
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    Seriously?? You stole someone's phone then sold it. Did anyone NOT think this would happen? Where's the common sense? You find a set of keys that go to a car. Do you then take the car and sell it? Why is this any different?

  • Bogdan
    Bogdan Posts: 10
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    Stupid cops following stupid orders! Shame on all!!!

  • Chris
    Chris Posts: 736
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    Fact 1. Iphone prototype found in bar..
    fact 2. Iphone prototype paid for ($5000)

    So lets use our heads here if a prototype is found we can assume it is not for sale by the co that makes it an so it is internal propriety of the said co...when they paid for the lost prototype they got a item that they knew belong to apple and should have attempted to return it to them...( i know the guy that found it did try to do that) however, the sale of that iphone was a bad move see info

    Receiving Stolen Property
    The offense of acquiring goods with the knowledge that they have been stolen, extorted, embezzled, or unlawfully taken in any manner.


    Receiving stolen property is defined by statute in most states. Generally it consists of four elements: (1) the property must be received; (2) it must have been previously stolen; (3) the person receiving the property must know it was stolen; and (4) the receiver must intend to deprive the owner of his or her property.

    A person receives stolen property by acquiring or taking manual possession of it. Physical possession, however, is not always required. Under some statutes, it is sufficient if the accused has exercised control over the property. For example, a statute may declare that paying for the property constitutes control, regardless of whether the accused has handled it.

    In many jurisdictions a belief that the property is stolen satisfies the knowledge element. It has been held that a mere suspicion does not constitute knowledge. Some statutes provide that a person has knowledge if he knows, or has reason to know, that goods are stolen. Another test is whether a reasonable person would suspect that the property was stolen. Knowledge is commonly proved by the circumstances surrounding the receipt of the property. For example, unexplained possession of goods that were recently stolen raises a presumption that the possessor received them illegally.

    In order to be guilty, the receiver must intend to deprive the owner of the property. The crime is committed even if the receiver intends to obtain a reward for returning the property because she has gained a benefit from depriving the owner of possession, even temporarily.


    An honest, although mistaken, belief that property is not stolen is a defense to the crime of receiving stolen property. Intoxication is another defense, but the intoxication must be severe enough to prevent any knowledge that the property was stolen. Infancy and insanity are also good defenses.

  • Chris
    Chris Posts: 736
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    wow i said alot real quick i still think this is all bull **** and for the cops to do that was plain wrong...however we haved learned what to do next time and that is not to tell everyone on your blog you paid 5 g for a prototype iphone found in a bar.... next time keep who you are on the dl and just post pics....time will tell if you are right dont give away all the info the cops need to break down your door and take your ****....but i will say this if he is found guilty his blog is his confession and all the pics and info on his pc's is damning evidence...I hope freedom of the press prevails here and he is let off this and then sues the cops....

  • John
    John Posts: 790
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    Apple's not leading this investigation. It's the DA and police with nothing better to do. All apple did was ask for the iphone back, which they already received.

    It's the DA and police department that you should be flaming. Apple never pressed charges.

  • El Barto
    El Barto Posts: 31
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    You guys are all stupid. I mean cmon. He knew it was Apple property. He sold a lost item which wasn't his! That's illegal already. Also gizmodo knew it was the secret prototype. Which makes them both a criminal and stupid. It's like selling a stolen car. And also, the prototype clearly had information of the owner (contacts, Facebook, iTunes account, email, maps, photo, serial number, unreleased product, Cupertino). The law is the law.

  • I <3 M$.. not.
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    If Apple sucks than why are you reading / posting on an iPhone blog? iPhone is clearly made by Apple.. idiot.

  • I <3 M$.. not.
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    People just like to blame other people thats all. Most people don't think logically.. well at least when they are posting on Blogs. Everyone likes to talk sh!t..