Skype 2.0 Finally Allows VoIP Calls Over 3G But Skype To Charge Monthly Fee From 2011

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imageSkype 2.0 Finally Allows VoIP Calls Over 3G But Skype To Charge Monthly Fee From 2011

Skype has finally released a new version of Skype (Skype 2.0) that will allow users to make and receive VoIP calls over 3G. Skype 2.0 also brings near CD-quality sound for Skype-to-Skype calls using wideband audio (SILK codec) to iPhone 3GS and 2nd generation iPod touch. AT&T had lifted its...

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  • Frost
    Frost Posts: 9
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    The funny thing is no matter how the big corporations keep emphasizing on the evils of jailbreaking your iphones. And yet, these sort of stunts like charging extra fees on using the app over 3G are practically driving iphone users to jailbreak their phones. Its logical that having paid for your 3G bandwidth, you should it as you choose.

  • Bob
    Bob Posts: 183
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    No way will i pay for this service. Check out free international calls and local and long distance calls too

  • DBS
    DBS Posts: 13
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    Skype has a right o charge for it's service, however if you charge over 3g, you should charge over wifi/regular lan on computers as well.

  • klutch
    klutch Posts: 54
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    If you use 3g unrestrictor and it thinks it's wifi will it still be free?

  • Tony
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    When I use the updated skype the first time on my jailbroken iphone, there was some warning about this version of skype is only supported on unmodified iphone, has anyone seen this, so far I don't see any problem though.

  • In reply to klutch
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    I have the same question. On my jb phone it seems to know it has been jailbroken as it gives me a warning message so they may be able to determine when one is on a 3g v wifi connection at some point but my guess is that they won't be. And if they can, I am sure that 3g unrestrictor will be updated.

  • Dimitar
    Dimitar Posts: 13
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  • Dimitar
    Dimitar Posts: 13
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    its only a warning, there isnt any problem using the app after the warning!

  • matt
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    I agree with the fact, than if you allready pay for 3g in your country , u shouldn't be charged extra by app that uses it. If Skype is looking for money make a deal with the providers (who allready chargin us too much), for the travelin' man who would like to use Skype abroad on 3g. I would pay for that. Anyway JB crowd should not be worried, i am sure some smartass is thinkin' of an certain update for the "3gskypeproblem" as we speak. And yes i would pay for that as well ; )

  • Tj
    Tj Posts: 102
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    My guess is they changed the date because of the new iPhone, due to Skype having support for video-conferencing. With the new iPhone known to have video-chat, it would make good business sense to give customers a taste of Skype video-chat for free for a limited time, before charging them a small rate for the service. That way, people who will actually use the service can continue paying for it, and people who wouldn't use it anyways aren't complaining about not being able to experience it.

  • Rodney
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    Yeah most JB's have been using some unrestictr ( I use My3G) so I see this new fee as a non-issue as well as total BS! An angry JB Developer can be a company's worst nightmare!!

  • Aussie
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    I use Skype to chat with mates in Australia from the USA and 3G Skype sucks. I can never get enough bandwidth for a good, unbroken conversation any way. I use it from my WiFi at home work without a problem. And I have the very cheap monthly plan so that I can call land lines at no extra cost. So this really does not entice me in any way.

  • ddd
    ddd Posts: 3
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    What about previous version of skype and fring? I've used skype over 3g this way even before skype "enabled" it. If I stick with this old version of skype and fring will I be able to use slype over 3g free in 2011?

  • Mike Thornley
    Mike Thornley Posts: 1
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    Skype presently over 3G is rubbish. I use my home router on my iphone, otherwise the connection is poor!. Other people I have spoken to have found this to be the case also!.