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    Installing iPhone hacks made easy with hands-on tutorial - Windows Edition (at last)

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageInstalling iPhone hacks made easy with hands-on tutorial - Windows Edition (at last)

    It has been only 2 days since folks at Gizmodo published the really helpful hands-on tutorial to load the updated version of "" onto your iPhone making it very easy to install unauthorized third-party native applications (or iPhone hacks) onto your iPhone. However, at that point the step by step...

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    • Carlton NorthernCarlton Northern Posts: 4
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      The link to the installer app can be found here:

    • SimonSimon Posts: 134
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      This is great news, however what isn't clear is if it wipes all the data on the iPhone? If so, does iTunes handle the sync? Things like my Wifi settings would therefore not be saved and i'd need to make sure I had those details recorded.

    • AnthonyAnthony Posts: 66
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      hey nate i did the steps in order but now its not working it says please connect to itunes and i did i restored all the steps but it doesnt go past the part 3-4 or 10 min now i cant even start the process or work my iphone

    • JJ Posts: 131
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      Did not work with update 1.02

    • AlyssaAlyssa Posts: 4
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      Got the Installer installed okay on 1.0.1. Tried installing NES -- appeared to install (get the icon), but running it just gives me a blank screen. I can change the "Preferences" and that's it. :\

    • RichieRichie Posts: 15
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      Ok so i got my iPhone the day it came out,(haha in line for 13and a 1/2 hours) and it has been activated through AT&T(iTunes). Ok my question is, can i still use iBricker with an already unlocked iPhone? and if so do i have to worry about all my contacts(is there a way to backup contacts?), Photos, music, bookmarks being deleted?(im assuming so since it uses the restore. i hope im wrong). One more thing, if anything happens to the firmware. can it be restored? Sorry for the trouble but $590 is alot of money and i dont wana ruin my phone lol.

    • GregGreg Posts: 106
      via Wordpress

      Hey guys, I got a question, I had 1.02 that was jailbroken. I own primarily a PC, but I use a MAC at Work. I restored it, used iFuntastic 3 to UNSHACKLE it (while I was at work), and then I got home, restored it once again on my PC, Is there a PC utility that will access an unshackled iPhone file system?
      It is to my understanding that once a phone is unshackled, even after a restore, it remains unshackled? it doesn't require itunes to be shut-down in order to write to the file system, Is this true only for MAC?

    • GudaGuda Posts: 1
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      what if something caules the iphone not to be able to connect with itunes at all after a hack attempt following these instructions?

    • Brian BarrBrian Barr Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Same as the other guy, cant get past step that says wait 3-4 minutes to 10 minutes. Let me know

    • DavidDavid Posts: 225
      via Wordpress

      K so I installed the iBricker I loved it until I realized that it took up 6.5 gigs!!! that didn't leave me much room for my music, or even enouph for one movie!!! Though the features and apps that are availible are amazing and I could really use them, it completely makes the iphone a typical pda with no music, which is one of the major things of an iphone is it is and ipod. i would like to see this take up less room so i could at least put my favs on i dont expect it to be nothing but 6gigs thats as much as Windows XP takes up and these apps arent that big, it didnt matter how many apps i put on the size never changed so even for one app its 6 gigs or for 15 apps its 6 gigs of space!!

      via Wordpress

      ****!! HELP ME! I was trying to install the iBrickr software and when it said to restore it like it said and nothing happened.. then it updated to 1.1.1 and now nothing works! wut do i do?!?! please help me! email me at [email protected] thnx alot

    • remiremi Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      hey nate i wanted to know does ure ap still work with the new firmwire???
      just curious cuz i had it before updating my iphone just checking pls let me know ASAP

    • nicknick Posts: 219
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    • RamsesRamses Posts: 7
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      I bought my iPhone in Dubai (2007-11) and it came to me with v1.0.2 and the baseband 04.01.13_G. I thought that 04.01.13_G is usually used for 1.1.1. The phone was working in the shop and I made a test call with my Telenor SIM roaming in Etisalat network but it started complaining on no valid SIM after 24 hours and as it was no guaranty I could not get any help from the shop in Dubai.

      I have the firmware 1.0.2. The baseband should be 03.14.08_G based on the information on internet.

      Even thought I use iPhone1,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw for restore in iTunes I get 04.01.13_G as the baseband. Is it correct to say that the 4.01 baseband works fine with both 1.0.2 and 1.1.1?

      My iPhone is currently restored back to 1.0.2 and locked. I do not have an ATT card. I have downloaded iBrickr 0.91 and iTunes 7.5.

      I have managed to restore back and forward to 1.0.2 and 1.1.1 many times using shift key in iTunes and following the clear instructions in iBrickr with success (red display after jailbreak etc.) but can't get through the activation part! *#301# or *#307# back door is not working for me as it complains about "No SIM card installed. Insert an unlocked and valid SIM to activate iPhone".

      I tried the old way of putting lockdownd downloaded to /usr/libexec/ on iPhone using iBrickr. Then I could get through the activation by restarting the iPhone and directly getting to the main menu and activate WiFi etc using anySIM and all unlocking tools on (added as source) using the upgraded installer etc. The problem is that iPhone becomes extremely slow (almost unusable) and I can use all the other functions except the phone itself.

      During one of my trials I even virinized it and got back baseband 03.14.08_G and still could not use my local SIM card nor solve the speed of the device.

      I am tired on finding a way to solve it. I am open for any suggestions, explanations or new ways to solve this as it can always be restored in iTunes. Can anyone help and save my XMAS?

      Thanks for any hints!

    • RamsesRamses Posts: 7
      via Wordpress

      In order to give you a better starting point for helping me, here is what I have done as the last action to bring my iPhone to a well defined status.

      I have installed iBrickr v0.91 and used the function in it to download 1.0.2 and restored my IPhone via iTunes 7.5 using the shift key. I used the file downloaded via iBrickr (1.0.2.ipsw 93,387 KB). Using *3001#12345#* I get the Firmware version: 03.14.08_G which is good.

      Now I have to solve the problem of unlocking the phone. When I try the backdoor *#301# or *#307# it says “Error performing request SIM Not Inserted.

      I have my local Telenor SIM with PIN disabled inserted and have tried to use other SIM cards but it does not help. Please advise.



    • RamsesRamses Posts: 7
      via Wordpress

      I can now get to the springboard (desktop) bypassing the activation by using (CLICK Here)activate.bat script from our Brazilian friend following the hints on

      Everything works fine including Youtube!

      I run anySIM 1.0.2 (loaded via iBrickr) and it run successfully. However I don’t get the carrier option and it still says No SIM card installed (I have my local Telenor SIM).

      Any hints?



    • NikoNiko Posts: 10
      via Wordpress

      i bought an iPhone with 1.0.2 firmware from the states got it network unlocked but when i got to africa just 2 days after using the phone it started displaying invalid sim and can only call emergency numbers. went onto the net and downloaded ibrickr 0.19 tried to boot it but the phone keeps on rebooting and showing funny text characters. can someone please help. i love this phone.

    • garrigarri Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      ok i selected reboot... and now it just keeps doing the same reboot over and over and over and over again for 15 minutes now. black screen with an apple on it, and then the scrolling white texts, then it just does it all over again... i dont understand what happened.

    • EvanEvan Posts: 17
      via Wordpress

      there is a black screen with numbers going down my iphone and wont stop

    • KirbyKirby Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      So im not much of a hacker....n im wondering whats da possibility that my iphone will get damage by this. Is it totally safe? or is there no garentie?

    • PaulPaul Posts: 239
      via Wordpress

      i recently bought a ver 1.1.2 iphone and had accidentlly upgrated e ver 1.1.3 tru itunes and my phone is now lock to e emergency call page. i've tried all helps i can get on net and it still doesnt works.. can any one please help...

    • mike macnealmike macneal Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      when i tried to install the ibrickr it completly screwed up my entire phone i cant do anything it keeps running a black screen with a bunch of random stuff over and over and i cant even get it into restore mode!!! this is messed up i really need some help can anyone help me!!!!

    • AKAK Posts: 9
      via Wordpress

      same thing happened to me with the screen
      put it on the cradle and hold the power and the menu button

    • DiegoDiego Posts: 14
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    • elizaeliza Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      mike macneal - i did that and it seemed to have worked. it asked us to sync the ipod to itunes...

      but when i plug the iphone into my computer. it does the same again!

    • elizaeliza Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      ok for the ppl who are having the problem with the continuous reboot. install the latest itunes, and while you're about to plug in the iphone into your computer, hold the home button.

      that way, itunes will detect your iphone and you can restore it

    • JohnnyJohnny Posts: 93
      via Wordpress

      i used the poof program to hide my icons and now i cant get them back is there some trick to allow me to turn of the hide feature?

    • jorgenjorgen Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      This iBricker program totally messed up my iPhone!!
      When I tried to run it I¨ve got a error message, that something went wrong, and that iBbricker could fix the problem.

      Now all this numbers are just rolling down om my screen, and the phone just reboots and start all over agian.there is no way to stop it!!

      iTunes don't even recognize the phone!!!!

      What can I do about this????

    • jorgenjorgen Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      never mind.. I've fixed the problem:D

    • susyjovisusyjovi Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I have the same problem as jorgen, PLEASE tell me how you solve your problem, please, my phone many numbers are just rolling down on my screen and reboots...


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