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    Installing iPhone hacks made easy with hands-on tutorial - MAC OS X Edition (Updated)



    • Thair KhamasThair Khamas Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      For God sake, why are there so many disinformation about how to unlock the iphone. Some people are just arseholes & have nothing but mess other people.
      All I need is a link to the firmware downgrades. And then a step by step instructions. Is that too much to ask?

    • emad khanemad khan Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      does this apptappinstaller works with the upgraded iphone verion 1.1.3. or not?
      if any one can answer that questoin!
      thanx for the help in advance

    • BillYBoyBillYBoy Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      I used the service of this team:

      They have great support !

      Billyboy **iPhone on T-Mobile**

    • Aidan CassidyAidan Cassidy Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Does the installer app screen its' applications to make sure they aren't going to steal or otherwise compromise the security of the device? I only ask becasue I'm a little paranoid when it comes to informtion security
      : )


    • zaheerzaheer Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      a plug and an arrow pointing towards the itunes icon shows on my iphone screen when i restart it

    • kaprikonekaprikone Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      hey guys, can u answer my question? I use a firmware 1.1.02 and I forgot to install, and installed these apps, ibrate,ifartz,halloween and I downloaded ibrickr on my comp and it doesn't work. I resetted my whole iPhone to delete thesefake apps but it only deleted all my songs and videos. My iTunes doesn't work with my iPhone. SO PLEASE CAN ANYONE TELL ME A WAY TO UNINSTALL THESE APPS OR GIVE ME A WEBSITE TO UNINSTALL THESE APPS WITHOUT USING
      oh yeah, my doesn't showup from homescreen

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