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    Apple: Jailbreaking iPhone May Void The Warranty

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageApple: Jailbreaking iPhone May Void The Warranty

    Copyright Office of the U.S. Library of Congress had introduced two critical exceptions to the DMCA, which makes it legal for users to jailbreak and unlock their iPhone in the US. Cult of Mac have reported that Apple has issued an official response to the new federal policies on jailbreaking...

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    • SpikySpiky Posts: 18
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      Say one thing thats legal in US?

      Nothing, soon you gotta jailbreak the country to be free.

    • WolverinemarkyWolverinemarky Posts: 518
      via Wordpress

      wont stop me from jailbreaking my phone any as i can always restore it to factory before i have them work on it and once there done working on it I can use pkgbackup to restore all my apps including the cydia ones so its all well and good. Apple said this to try and get those people that are fearful of losing their warranty not to go over to the "darkside" which only shows a lack of full knowledge about jailbreaking

    • kennyroodykennyroody Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      Very well said, well said indeed...

    • via Wordpress

      This reflects some of the changing market, but it’s not going to make our apps accessible to more people and it doesn’t change the way the App Store works

    • JorgieJorgie Posts: 18
      via Wordpress

      It has ALWAYS voided your warranty to Jailbreak an iPhone so as mentioned in article nothing has changed...AT ALL.

      I will still Jailbreak my phone because unlike what Apple thinks, my experience is diminished by the lack of a jailbreak! The phone goes from being a great phone to the best phone once its jailbroken.

    • AlmogAlmog Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      Without jailbreaking the iPhone is just a phone.

      Now we have multitasking that sucks in 4, If your phone is jailbreak you had it a long time ago. There are many awesome apps that are not available via the App Store.

      I don't see how it can void the warranty if you can restore your phone to original firmware and backup your contacts and mails meetings via Google's exchange. or Rseven app.

    • mcoronamcorona Posts: 27
      via Wordpress

      "iPhone and we know that jailbreaking can severely degrade the experience." -APPLE

      Dear Apple,

      We're not idiots. We jailbreak our iPhones because we feel the 'experience' being offered is crippled. We jailbreak to ENHANCE the experience. We jailbreak because we wanna have the whole cake without waiting for you to sell it to us one crumb at a time.

    • StramboStrambo Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      i had a jailbroken iphone 3gs and it broke, i reseted it via itunes and went to the applestore...they got a new iphone (warranty) and i jailbroke it one should fear that you're runing out of warranty - you shouldn't go the apple store with you jailbroken phone because the employee's are not even aloud to TOUCH the phone but as long as you reset it and go over one cares...and as Jorgie said: nothing had changed...AT ALL

    • AndreAndre Posts: 64
      via Wordpress

      I'll probably jailbreak the iPhone 4 hen the jb comes out, warranty from apple replaces the battery and when it has some software problem as far as I know...thats it. But there's another warranty that covers from theft and losing it. Why should i need my battery replaced if I recently bought it? And that other warranty gives a **** if u jailbreak it :) I'll jb it for sure

    • benben Posts: 235
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    • cordovaniancordovanian Posts: 12
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      if they unlock iphone, atleast after contract is over, then number of jail broken phones will reduce.

    • LrsLrs Posts: 38
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      a is at&t going to unlock or old iphone 3gs or 3g that is out of contract ??????

    • A week before iphone 4, I bought a jailbroken iphone 3GS on ebay for a $120 because the user said it fell in water and not working properly. When i got the iphone, i realized the power button was broken, plugged it in the usb and phone was in apple logo loop. Power button is broken so can't reset, can't dfu, can't put in recovery.

      The iphone was still under warranty when i checked online. drained the battery went to the apple store and got a new iphone in like 15 minutes. Mind you iphone was jailbroken and unlocked as the seller mentioned

    • A week before iphone 4, I bought a jailbroken iphone 3GS on ebay for a $120 because the user said it fell in water and not working properly. When i got the iphone, i realized the power button was broken, plugged it in the usb and phone was in apple logo loop. Power button is broken so can't reset, can't dfu, can't put in recovery.

      The iphone was still under warranty when i checked online. drained the battery went to the apple store and got a new iphone in like 15 minutes. Mind you iphone was jailbroken and unlocked as the seller mentioned

    • timtim Posts: 173
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      in the netherlands is it legal.
      and movie, sounds enz. not illegal :D:D:D
      i love to live in the netherland.

      a lot is legal what in other country illegal is.

      nice nice nice


    • MoodiMoodi Posts: 74
      via Wordpress

      You are totally right.
      Let Apple go to hill and I think if they are not doing these stupid things and monopolize it this way they can have a bigger share of the smart phone market.
      I wonder why they do it??

    • MoodiMoodi Posts: 74
      via Wordpress

      I have been using a jail broken iPhone since they introduce it in the market in late 2007 and it is working great, they are layers and they dont have many good Apps that I can get from Cydia or others.
      i.e- I have been using categories for a long time , they just introduce it in the IOS4. They want to sell it us drop by drop and I love the DEV-TEAM for F***ing this dream for Apple and make there life harder .
      I dont know where is the WTO from them.

    • iranianiranian Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      every copy in my country(iran) is legal, here we are free to jailbrake iphone,copying movies,songs,games,iphone,human,...etc
      every thing u like here is copyright and legal.
      So in iran every iphone that i see is jailbrake and unlock.
      and i must say that here there isn't any applestor.

    • FullyLocked7937FullyLocked7937 Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      Void What warranty!
      like they cover the things that really break the phone like crack screens and water damage.

      what every apple everything that you do and get for your iOS came from the hackers jailbreaking their phones.

      So please when I spend my money that I worked my butt off for then I am free to do as I please with it!

    • BillBill Posts: 153
      via Wordpress

      Thumbs up! Sad, but true!

    • ArabArab Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      That's so gay! I'm jailbraking mine still. I don't care what they say

    • JerryJerry Posts: 47
      via Wordpress

      To answer the questions:
      Apple may have a right to deny service to users that jailbroke their phone IF and only if the jailbreak caused the issue.

      As we know, the iPhone 4 came with many issues out of the box but they are not giving us fixed phones. It is not profitable to "enhance our experience".

      I will jailbreak my phone as soon as the Dev's release a safe and easy method to jailbreak my iPhone 4. I miss all of my ringtones and status bar "thingies" (date, ram, etc.)

      BUT let's also make a list of things that the Jailbreak Devs did to enhance our experience that Apple copied to catch up in the "great experience with OUR iPhone"

      Categories = Folders for Apps
      Winterboard Wallpaper/Themes = Wallpaper for Home Screen
      Cycorder = Video Camera on 3GS only
      Cylay, FindMyI, Navimote, etc. = MobileMe Find My iPhone
      Clippy Copy/Paste = Copy/Paste
      Bluetooth Stack (almost) = AD2P in 3.0
      Turn By Turn Nav (forgot the name) = Tom Tom/Navizon
      Backgrounder = Half assed background apps in iPhone 4 only.
      Cyntact = I guess it's not that important to Apple
      Tethering = Just getting started for official use
      My-Wi = Not yet!

      Any others?

    • JimJamJimJam Posts: 20
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    • A Black DudeA Black Dude Posts: 167
      via Wordpress

      actually they do....they just don't care. they have software they immediately tells them what 3rd party apps are installed on it. here in chicago, if u take a jailbroken phone to them all they do is ask you can they install the latest firmware to the iphone or not....that's it. if u say yes, they restore it and see if there are still problems. if so, they give you a new phone. if you tell them no, they just give you your phone back and tell you they cant work on it as is because we don't know if the 3rd party apps are what is causing the problem(s). its not like they confiscate ur phone, or flag u in the system and take your warranty away.

    • MacMac Posts: 132
      via Wordpress

      Dumbass spokeperson. Jailbreaking is the bomb. I got sick of my ipod touch two years ago, and thats when i came across jailbreaking. I said "**** you apple, i will customize my stuff if i want to. U cant stop me" and i used redsnow to jailbreak my second gen itouch. Best thing that ever happened to my ipod. My battery: hasnt changed. Experience: awesomer. Uniqueness: off da charts. I was the first jailbroken person in skool an now jailbreaking is so popular in skool. There are priblems with the touch now though. What are they?? Well it has this gray line nd spot on the screen and can only hear right ear sound. However that wuz my fault. Dropped it a lot. It has a case. Now i got a iphone 3GS, had a moto q and it suked. I jailbroke and wow, my iphone is working 10 times better. Apple should really consider helping out jailbroken users. Thats kind of racist. Cuz well they only helpin non jailbroken. Kinda like helpin a white guy and not a mexican or african person. Jailbreak community, what would we do without u???

    • 3gs3gs Posts: 11
      via Wordpress

      Really? So you are free to jailbreak your phone, but if you write a bad check you get stoned to death? Whatever.

    • AvionicZAvionicZ Posts: 28
      via Wordpress

      But your not free to see hot chicks in bikinis walking the streets. So suck on that Raghead!!! USA USA USA!!!

    • yo mamayo mama Posts: 117
      via Wordpress

      Ringtones? You don't need a jailbreak for custom ringtones. You can make your own very easily. Using iTunes, even...

      Google is your friend.

    • RaffyRaffy Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      -_- Jailbraking does not affect apple, at all.
      They should allow users to jailbreak their devices
      If they want to.

      When u jailbreak an iPhone you can do things
      That other phones can't not do, and I think that's what
      Makes the iPhone special.

    • DrunkMunkiDrunkMunki Posts: 62
      via Wordpress

      What Stevey is referring to is all those idiots out there that havent a clue how it all works, gets a mate to JB and he installs a bunch of apps like ****, the clueless users starts downloading and installing bunch of apps that either **** up or severly slow down his device.
      Apple says this to stop those users going to Apple Store and getting the device reset or wasting their time with support calls.

      Pretty much JB is only for smart people who have a clue how to use technology, since those smart people know how to reset it, apple isnt worried.

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