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    Unlocked iPhone 4 Coming To Canada For $659

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageUnlocked iPhone 4 Coming To Canada For $659

    Apple has been offering a factory unlocked iPhone for quite sometime and started offering factory unlocked iPhones in UK and France with the launch of iPhone 4. We had also learned that SIM-free, factory unlocked iPhones will also be offered to Canadian customers. Folks at Boy Genius Report point to...

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    • RoderickRoderick Posts: 25
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    • ZZ Posts: 333
      via Wordpress

      did this just randomly appear under the jailbreaking now legal post?

    • dennisdennis Posts: 89
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      Is this including sales tax or are they also excluding that from published prices like in the U.S?

    • ACAC Posts: 43
      via Wordpress

      @ Dennis - sales tax not included in this price....

      WOW, price of an iPhone is more then a PC laptop.....

      This is crazy!

    • SimonSimon Posts: 134
      via Wordpress

      In DK, they also start selling the Iphone unlocked, maybe they are planning to do it in every country ? :)

    • benben Posts: 235
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      Only too countries that do not have a deal with apple to only be exclusive in that country. Here in Canada, Rogers and Fido(owned by rogers). In December Bell and Telus got into the game. So there is not much of a point anymore so why not just unlock it to any carrier in Canada.
      So when ever AT&T loses its exclusivity apple will start selling unlocked phones to US Customers.

    • CrazyCrazy Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      It really is. I paid just $40 more for my laptop.

    • ke_phadamke_phadam Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I think apple plan to sell unlocked iphone 4 in canada and some other countries before legally jailbreak approved...

      This price is kind of high but not really yet...let go to ebay and search for "factory unlocked iphone 3gs" to see how much it

    • PhilPhil Posts: 87
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      this is too much buy a iphone on ebay $200 $300 jailbreak unlock it that's it

    • benben Posts: 235
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      Am I missing something - this is a load of money up front but is actually quite cheap compared to the price in the UK. A 32GB iphone 4 is £600 which is $965 Canadian. How much would sales tax etc be on top of the $779? Also anyone know whether if bought in Canada, the Apple warranty would be valid in the UK?

    • Krew_92Krew_92 Posts: 30
      via Wordpress

      I remember when I desperately wanted an iPhone I went to eBay to buy an unlocked 3Gs, and guess how much the lowest cost at the time? $900! and it wasn't even an iPhone 4, how despicable. They swear like it takes millions to produce one iPhone! and if it does I feel sorry for Apple for wasting their time and money!

    • 68charger68charger Posts: 3
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      iPhone in UK is expensive compared to Canada. Why? they are not subsidised. Whether you buy outright from Apple and put your own SIM in or get it on contract a 32g unit will cost around £1100 over two years. The only advantage of getting it from Apple is that it is unlocked.

    • WillWill Posts: 104
      via Wordpress

      Don't forget that you still need a cell phone plan. If you don't have a plan, then might as well sign up for x-years and pay less. It's a utility like water, but the water company doesn't subsidize my purchase of a new sink.

    • benben Posts: 235
      via Wordpress

      True. I kind of prefer the freedom of choosing the network and contract terms that you get with an unlocked phone (most likely will go T-mobile). Perhaps the reason it's cheaper in Canada is relative to the network subsidy. When I bought the 3GS the network subsidy was better than buying the handset outright - got a pay-and-go on O2 for £400 - then unlocked.

      Now how to source a handset from Canada....

    • bill murdockbill murdock Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      do you still have stock or can source iphone4 unlocked without sim ? or with sim ?

      how do I contact you ?

      please contact me at the email address provided...

    • SamuelSamuel Posts: 38
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      I need to get an iphone4 32G urgently. Please give me a hint or incase you have any on sale.
    • nikkinikki Posts: 5
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      If you are looking to buy many or just one iphone 4 32gb factory unlocked brand new sealed in box, please contact me at [email protected] or visit my website nikkiandraliegh.moonfruit.comI sell for a much cheaper price than most factories and offer FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD
    • Ravneet SinghRavneet Singh Posts: 0
      via Wordpress
      I have a iphone 4 that my friend brought from Canada. I am in India right now. And want to use it here with a local sim card . It is locked on Rogers (Canada provider). My iphone 4 iOS is 4.2.1 and the baseband is 03.10.01. Tell me what to do?
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
      via Wordpress
      Its almost the same price in US, around $50 less
    • FyatacoFyataco Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      I have both Iphone 4 one unlocked which I paid an arm and a leg in France and one locked on the ATT network, I just wish I would have waited a fe months to buy it directly in the US its a lot cheaper
    • Brigid PetreBrigid Petre Posts: 1
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