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    Apple Posts Videos Of Droid X And Nokia N97 Mini Antenna Performance And Their Weak Spots

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageApple Posts Videos Of Droid X And Nokia N97 Mini Antenna Performance And Their Weak Spots

    At the special iPhone 4 conference last week, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs had shown videos of RIM’s BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC’s Droid Eric, Samsung’s Omnia II lose signal strength when they're gripped in a certain way. Apple had also published new pages on its website, where it is trying to...

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    • SpikySpiky Posts: 18
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      Someone should really take apple down on the ground for good.. Why do they have to hide behind other mobile phones.

      - Motorola, RIM, Nokia, HTC They are all the same according to apple but Steve jobs needs to grow hair on hes balls and head. Fucking moron.

      once my priceplan is out im happy, i will never return to Gayapple or buy a fagbook.

      Stupid gay jobs..

    • PauliusPaulius Posts: 7
      via Wordpress

      um, correct me if i am wrong, but on the nokia screen it says 3.5g and has 2 bars, on my old nokia, if it looses all bars when on 3g, it swiches to gprs or smth and shows full bars or 3/4...

    • MichaelMichael Posts: 316
      via Wordpress

      It's way blown out of proportion, one person had a problem and as a general consumer first thing they did was blame the device, then someone else heard them and was like OMG the new iPhone has bad reception and in rumor like manner it speed like wildfire and now people who do not even own an iPhone 4 or know anyone that does swear it has bad reception due to the crap all over the Internet. I know plenty of people who have it and not one of them have this antenna problem.

    • stevensteven Posts: 113
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      I am currently using the iphone 3GS, jailbroken and unlocked. I almost want to buy the iphone 4, until the antenna signal problem show up.

      I have to wait for the next iphone 4a, with all problem fixed.

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    • stan69bstan69b Posts: 50
      via Wordpress

      personally , i have an iphone 4 and sure a can make my signal go down by touching the weak spot .... but on an every day bases it does not affect anything. never dropped a call for miss holding the phone. For me it is not an issue , for a left handed it is i give you that ...

    • JDBJDB Posts: 284
      via Wordpress

      Then stay the **** off this apple site you dumbass.

    • readerreader Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      Steve jobs has every right to do that becuase all of the above manufacturers made fun of iPhone 4 reception issue. He has the right to respond to that you ediot

    • GerardGerard Posts: 29
      via Wordpress

      Blown way out of proportion. Intially I activated my iphone 4 using backed info from my 3GS, unfortunately the software didnt take properly(when Apple looked at my set up remotely it said software version 4.0 when i had 4.0.1). Apple representative suggested I reload 4.0.1 and activate the phone as new setup; now my phone seems to shows me a better representation of the signal available and seems to hold calls much better than before.(I no longer drop calls with my phone showing 3 bars available). I have dropped 2 calls since, each time I had 1 bar or less. Now all I need is for AT&T to take care of shaky part of the coverage in NYC area.(I must say I am loving the new faster upload and download speeds, in that department good job AT&T)

    • nicknick Posts: 219
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      Umm, isnt something wrong with these videos. Theyre obviously giving the phones a death grip. The problem with the ip4 is that a 2 year old can give it a death grip. These phones require an adult to squeeze and effect the antenna.

    • iP4iP4 Posts: 33
      via Wordpress

      At this point the media coverage is more about Apple's handling of the matter than the actual antenna issue itself. Of course all phones have some attenuation but how much more of a problem is it for the IPhone 4 when the antenna is clear in the open on a area where the phone is normally held. I think what they have done is really childish especially when they are the largest (cap value) tech company in the world and compared to other phone manufacturers a newcomer to the game. Instead of taking responsibility for their mistakes they shifted the attention to everyone else (like they have done in the past). Since only a small handful are experiencing the problem and Apple stands behind their flawed design then we should all expect the same design next year without any major changes especially with the antenna layout. It's a superior design without any issues that people haven't seen before, as they claim, so there would be no need to fix what's not broken. Therefore we definitely shouldn't expect any changes to the much delayed white iPhone 4 which is more about economics then manufacturing delays.

    • UnbelievableUnbelievable Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      And you don't even need a human hand to drop signals with the iPhone 4. It's really disgraceful what they have done.

    • CrazyfishCrazyfish Posts: 36
      via Wordpress

      Hahaha. Spiky, I've seen so many Apple haters switch over. You're probably next. Welcome :)

    • GratefulGrateful Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      Not all of the above manufactures ridiculed Apple for thier obivious design flaw. And why even compare the iPhone 4 to these "inferior" phones. Giving out free bumpers ( which I'm sure costs them a lot to make) to everyone when this non-issue affects less than 1% of users only shows how much they care for customers. I'm sure they have nothing to hide. Every phone has this problem but there is no problem. Steve Jobs you have opened my eyes. I now see the light and now also your larger bars since I couldn't see them before. Steve Jobs I Thank You.

    • Audioslave54Audioslave54 Posts: 10
      via Wordpress

      I insist I don't see anyone well atleast the people I see one the street graving any of these phones like that. It gets in the way u can't put it up to your face well.

    • joe ukjoe uk Posts: 4
      via Wordpress

      if your not happy with your phone send it back. stop fucking moaning.end off.

    • AnshulAnshul Posts: 88
      via Wordpress

      Apple should better understand that by showing other loop holes they can't hide by thair own loophole ..............everyone knows the diffrence between owning an apple iphone and nokia n97 mini and others.....everyone knows the diff. and that's why they are switching to an apple iphone.

    • EddieEddie Posts: 69
      via Wordpress

      I'm with happy with my 3gs, not happy with the iPhone4 and not happy with Apple after this gay stunt. Steve Jobs needs to man up and eat his own words. and all you fanboy fruitloops needs to accept that this was a bad PR move on Apple's part.. it makes Apple look like a crying little baby trying to point fingers elsewhere for their problems. fucking cockmonglers.

    • Steven MSteven M Posts: 114
      via Wordpress

      I'm getting tired of this absolute BS from Apple. The "deathgrip" is not the issue with the iPhone 4. The normal attenuation caused from gripping phones as shown in those videos is normal and expected. Apple is trying to hide the flaw of their external antenna by calling it something it's not. I still drop bars when "deathgripping" my iPhone 4 in a bumper. All the bumper does is make it perform like phones with an internal antenna. These other companies need to show videos of the iPhone 4 with bumper losing signal from the "deathgrip".

      The iPhone 4 clearly has its own unique issue ON TOP OF normal attenuation. If Jobs wants to make a fair comparison he needs to show some videos of other phones losing signal with just the touch of a finger. Sure if you cover the area of a phone with your hand where the internal antenna is you will lose some signal. What the hell is his point? The only reason he is showing these videos is to try and make their new issue appear to be normal. Jobs is being really childish about this. Instead of admitting this issue he is saying "but other phones are doing it to". That would be bad enough if it were true but other phones are not doing what the iPhone 4 is. Sure it can appear that way which is why it is so convenient for Jobs to use the deathgip to his advantage. He may admit that the iPhone 4 loses signal but he is being dishonest by saying that this is caused by the same thing that affects all phones. I guess he never will admit that it is because of the external antennas becoming connected when held.

      He was also childish in his so called apology. He basically said "We're sorry that the iPhone 4 has THE SAME EXACT ISSUE as other phones and we're sorry that it loses bars JUST LIKE OTHER PHONES." They need to stop worrying about everyone else and just fix the damn antenna issue. Bottom line, normal attenuation is normal and a fact of life. There is no solution to this other than we all just wake up one day and our hands no longer block signal. There is a fix however for a poor antenna design that causes the antennas to short/detune, whatever you want to call it, when being held normally.

      Apple's goal seems pretty simple to me. Step 1: Get everyone to believe that the issue with the iPhone 4 is the same issue that all phones face, the "deathgrip". Step 2: Once they believe this, they will hear the experts, other mobile phone companies, and Apple say that this is normal and there is no solution for it. Step 3: Everyone will just think that the issue with the iPhone 4 is normal and wonder what all of the fuss has been about.

      Here is a quick, kind of extreme analogy of what I see Apple doing with these videos. This would be like if the iPhone 4 has been proved to break every time without fail when dropped from 2 feet. Then Apple shows videos of other phones being dropped of a building and breaking even though none of these phones would break when dropped from 2 feet. Then Apple would say, "See these other phones break when dropped too." Apple sure likes to spin things. What is more sad than that is their following of fanboys that believe their every word or know the truth but just fail to acknowledge or admit it.

    • timtim Posts: 173
      via Wordpress

      Of course you can cause most cell phones to lose signal stregth by gripping it a certain way that is why most companies kept the antenna internal and not on the outer band where it would be much easier to touch. Apple decided to put the antenna on the outer band and now their paying for their mistake. Steve Jobs shouldn't blame other companies for his own mistake! Simple as that.

    • pgmpgm Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      Obviously, coming from an Apple fanboy site such as this one, I wouldn't expect fair and unbiased reporting or commenting, just as I wouldn't expect it from an Android site or any other product / manufacturer devotion site. However, from the mainstream media, most of which are quite a bit less biased, the consensus is that Apple screwed up the design, and rather than admit to it and make amends, they took the low road and bashed all the other phone manufacturers. That is most definitely in their prerogative to do, I'm not denying that, but taking the low road rather than the high road is what is causing all the ruckus, and rightfully so. If all the other phone manufacturers had a similar problem, it's quite obvious there would have been a consumer backlash such as is happening right now with the iPhone 4. They all have far more experience at designing phones and have came to a point where the trade-off between performance and design was just right. Sure you can drop the signal on ANY phone, however, it is NEVER as dramatic as the iPhone 4. Hence the consumer complaints. Not wanting to see the truth doesn't change the fact that the iPhone 4 has a major design flaw that should be corrected and that Apple have, unfortunately, chosen a dubious way of dealing with the matter. Time will tell if Steve Jobs made the right decision for his bottom line, which is, of course, all that counts to him now that he's made that decision.

    • clrj14clrj14 Posts: 17
      via Wordpress

      i know your an idiot

    • via Wordpress

      Hey, unbelievable... "And you don't even need to use a human hand..." That's because even your hand can block the signal and you're a fuckin' baboon! LMAO

    • CraigCraig Posts: 178
      via Wordpress

      I'm with you on that, my 3gs is awesome, got everything I can wish for on a phone in it's current jailbroken state. Only one thing let's it down that I think/hope an iPhone 4 would improve upon-the crap battery, I find I'm charging two/three times a day now, terrible.

    • EnokEnok Posts: 24
      via Wordpress
    • jimmijimmi Posts: 18
      via Wordpress

      haha i think the guy intentionally squeezes it

    • RlRl Posts: 19
      via Wordpress

      Very long comment but I agree with everything. Unfortunately most users find this acceptable and will let Apple get away with a design flaw. Next year when Apple choices to change the antenna design they will once again claim it's superior and that there was never anything wrong with the iPhone 4 design. And of course most people will agree and praise it. The iPhone is a good phone but people really should make Apple own up to thier mistakes. If this was any other phone manufacturer many people who don't consider this a non-issue would beg to differ. Matter of fact I'm sure apple would riddicule them in thier ads just like they do with mac vs pc. It's really a shame

    • 3g3g Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      Hey delusional iPhone owner. I think he is talking about the fact that you can lose bars by bridging the gap with a conductive metal item hence the "don't even need a human hand"

    • UserUser Posts: 12
      via Wordpress

      My iPhone drops to 1 bar sometimes but the phone can still make calls perfectly as well as use the data network at high speeds....

    • HarshaHarsha Posts: 84
      via Wordpress

      they always said they are different.. and there is no phone like iphone... to put in perspective.. they had said.. "apple reinvented the phone" .. well i guess not..

      there r still many things which are same...

      BUT the main thing ---- Observe the antenna location on others... it is mainly on top or bottom... but iphone has where every human will hold the phone for any purpose, calls, text, apps, camera... i agree with Jobs we still do not have that physics to support it.. but why to test that by putting that in wrong location!! Its like you know there is no fix but you will test to its limit !! You can easily avoid it but having it in another location

      i m done with this story...

    • L R SL R S Posts: 15
      via Wordpress

      no jailbreak cooming!!!!!!!!!!!!

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