iPhone (iOS 4) Vs Windows Phone 7: UI Compared

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imageiPhone (iOS 4) Vs Windows Phone 7: UI Compared

Folks at Pocket Now have published an interesting comparison of iOS 4 running on an iPhone 4 with Windows Phone 7 running on a LG phone. In the video, they have compared the user interface of the unlock screen, homescreen, multitasking and accessibility to audio playback controls of the two...

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  • Wolverinemarky
    Wolverinemarky Posts: 518
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    Don't see the huge thing about widgets and I have video wallpapers for my animated backgrounds which are ok but not all that great I will stick with the IOS give windows a couple years they will either be like apple and google or will end up like RIM and blackberry

  • mike
    mike Posts: 489
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    i realize that the multitasking is not true multitasking, compared to backgrounder and other apps because when i switch back to an app that i had previously used, it resets like if i just opened the app for the first time...thats no good

  • SteveJobs
    SteveJobs Posts: 14
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    I'm so glad I have an iPhone. That's all I can really say.

  • Digitaltouch
    Digitaltouch Posts: 48
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    I switched from epic 4G to iPhone 4 so seeing this windows 7 I'm sure I'm still staying with Apple. Thank u very much.

  • badboy
    badboy Posts: 23
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    i prefer iPhone anyday over windows Phone

  • Luis
    Luis Posts: 67
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    thats a bunch of useless stuff on the screen

  • dR435t4
    dR435t4 Posts: 14
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    soooooo juiceless!!!! yeh im stickin w/ apple =]

  • JDB
    JDB Posts: 284
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    That's up to the app, though. They need to submit an update to allow full multi-tasking. Like AP Mobile News does full multi-tasking, but yahoo does not. It's not up to Apple, it's up the developers.

  • Dustin
    Dustin Posts: 116
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    Just my take.... Live tiles, they look plain and boring, there is no background, some of the tiles are eye sores, i DESPISE how the apps are listed (and we all know the iPhone has the superior screen) I wish i could show you a screen shot of my Iphone, i have at least 60 apps, and only two pages, everything is organized into folders, and is only home, swipe, folder, app. There are a few things i would like to change with my iPhone. I like the windows lock screen, it looks clean, and notifications are right there, vs having to look for the badges on the iPhone. app switching on my iphone is handled MUCH better with multifl0w, it wouldnt be the same without being jailbroken, there are SO many useful mods that the jailbreak community has provided that truly MAKE this phone much more manageable. still running 4.0 and i will not upgrade until its jailbroken as well.

  • Lg1
    Lg1 Posts: 99
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    I'll keep my iPhone

  • jdub211
    jdub211 Posts: 2
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    ayy dumbass rim is blackberry you stupid ****.

  • aa
    aa Posts: 11
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    Either way I don't think Apple will allow every app to run in the background otherwise they would have "real" multitasking" in the first place?

  • Hoobaloo
    Hoobaloo Posts: 18
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    I wonder how long it'll take MS to realize people will need copy and paste. They say that apps will push information to each other so they won't need it. But they can't think of every instance that someone wants to copy something. I use copy and paste all the time. MS needs to implement it, but of course they will be like Apple and wait for version 2 and tons of negative feedback from users.

  • dc1157
    dc1157 Posts: 7
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    I agree with you!! They should call it differently because it is not multitasking.

  • hxclos
    hxclos Posts: 353
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    I like how his iPhone is jailbroken too. Notice the five icon dock?

  • BeerDone
    BeerDone Posts: 15
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    And where did you see the real multitasking working nicely? Even in windows, as you hide the app, the system takes memory and CPU away from it for the other apps, and all the JB multitasking iPhone has ever had were taking much more memory AND adding lag, since they did not pause or take the CPU away from them. Apple's multitasking is very close to the multitasking in every other system, exept that old apps do not have it enabled. Right now my browser app goes to background, my RSS reader can go to background, hell, even some of extremely memory intensive apps go to the background!.. While dropping the unneeded CPU and memory back to the iPhone, and that's not something I saw in any JB app at all.

  • jamaliko
    jamaliko Posts: 2
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    iphone was awsome when it came out. But now kinda getting repetative. at least android we get major changes all the time lol. iphone losing its touch. I am/was a 3 year iphone user. Loved it. now boring. even with iphone 4. nothing really new. FACETIME!! WOOOT lol thats all haha. revamb the iphone APPLE! i moved to android u lost 1 customer. But 1 customer doesnt really matter i guess :)

  • Natural Detox
    Natural Detox Posts: 2
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    Thank you! Very useful information. I'm not going to buy an Iphone4 just yet. It sounds like it's going to be worth waiting just to play with a WP7 phone.

  • naveed
    naveed Posts: 68
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    Cant Beat iPhone.....

  • Daniel
    Daniel Posts: 173
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    I have iPhone since it came out and I too find it repetitive. Plus I hate how Apple doesn't release useful stuff till the following year for profit. I am and will be switching over to windows 7 mobile. I need to get things done, not wait a year for the feature to be realesed.

  • Deeznuts
    Deeznuts Posts: 8
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    In the begining he says not final win7 hardware
    or software?!. i hope they change the ugly colors
    on the tiles..

  • Manuel
    Manuel Posts: 12
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    Windows Phone 7 looked really ugly. Pass for me.

  • Revrevmax
    Revrevmax Posts: 11
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    iPhone 4 is still the best. Although every phones had its pros and cons.

  • Prophetz
    Prophetz Posts: 2
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    There is much to be done to the iPhone and all apple thinks about is making them unjailbreakable... Why didn't they make a contract with blackberry and incorporate rim tech on the iPhone so we could chat with blackberry users and why can't we share our bandwidth without having to buy a software for it... Why don't apple start making iPhone more of what it's Linux roots are, free. Doesn't this monster have enough money already I mean how much money can these guys really spend..

  • kk
    kk Posts: 11
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  • SmartPhoneExpert
    SmartPhoneExpert Posts: 1
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    We've all used the iPhone, from the 1st one up to date...was cool but now sucks...not my case anyway. How many of ya'll mofo's have used the WinMob 7 OS??? Think bout that first 'fore u post some dumb ****